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  • U8b

    Haplogroup U8b is a branch on the maternal tree of humanity.

    People: Places: Eurasia and Levantine


Explore your maternal heritage in the Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins.


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  • MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

Use the MyHeritage Chromosome Browser

MyHeritage has added a chromosome browser to their autosomal DNA matches tool set. The MyHeritage Chromosome Browser is a simple yet elegant browser that allows you to quickly see the DNA you share with each match.

Y-DNA Genealogy Tools & Resources

The following is a brief list of tools and resources to help genetic genealogy using Y-chromosome DNA. A copy of this list is also in the files section of the Y-DNA - Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins group on Facebook.

Project Updates

  • New England Colonist - Cuckoos Farm

New England Colonist Weekly Update – 18 Sep 2018

Now that we are past the FTDNA summer sale, I will return to weekly project updates. This weeks' are pretty exciting. Martin Hendrix has joined the project as a co-administrator. He is helping to update Y-DNA and mtDNA chart subgrouping.

  • Nordic Y-DNA - 4 July

Nordic Y-DNA Weekly News – 10 Aug 2018

Hello Everyone, The project continues to grow, and it is wonderful to see geographic discoveries begin to come forward. This weeks find was made by Harald Alvestrand. Below are the counts for each major Y-DNA [...]

  • Q-M242 - 10 July

Q-M242 Weekly Update – 10 July 2018

This week's newsletter will cover the project's most recent published paper, the Q-L804 and Q-L527 branches, and new SNP Packs being developed by Family Tree DNA for Q-L804 and Q-L527.

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Anzick-1, Anzick Boy, is a Paleo-Indian male child. His remains were found at a Clovis Culture site. He was one of two children found in 1968, at the site in south central Montana, USA. His death and remains date to between 12,707 and 12,556 years ago.

Autosomal DNA 3rd Party Sites & Tools

Autosomal DNA is the DNA we get equally from both parents. Most people have autosomal DNA tested at one of the five major testing companies (23andMe, Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, or Living DNA). The following are 3rd Party sites and tools.

CeCe Moore

CeCe Moore is a genetic genealogist. She works as an advocate for the field, as an unknown parentage researcher, and as a forensic genealogist. She works on the TV programs Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Roadshow.

On Your Knees Cave & Shuká Káa

On Your Knees Cave is the site of Native American artifacts and human bones. It is located on Prince of Wales Island. That is off the coast of southeastern Alaska.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – A Place

Today, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is home to over 36 million people. It is an orderly society with a strict law system. The country’s capital is Kabul, and as of 1870, the religion of the state is Islam.

The Republic of Albania – A Place

In the classical times, the territory was home to tribes such as the Illyrians and Grecians. In fact, Julius Caesar used an Albanian city as a depot for his troops in the 1st century BC. This is because of its location on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This position also made it a popular trade route for travelers.

Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia

We investigated this by using new, improved methods to sequence low-coverage genomes from 101 ancient humans from across Eurasia.

Diverse origin of mitochondrial lineages in Iron Age Black Sea Scythians

We analyzed ancient mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from Scythians of the North Pontic Region (NPR) and successfully retrieved 19 whole mtDNA genomes.

AmtDB: a database of ancient human mitochondrial genomes

Here, we present AmtDB, the first database of ancient human mitochondrial genomes.

Archaeological, radiological, and biological evidence offer insight into Inca child sacrifice

Examination of three frozen bodies, a 13-y-old girl and a girl and boy aged 4 to 5 y, separately entombed near the Andean summit of Volcán Llullaillaco, Argentina

Stable isotope and DNA evidence for ritual sequences in Inca child sacrifice

Four recently discovered frozen child mummies from two of the highest peaks in the south central Andes now yield tantalizing evidence of the preparatory stages leading to Inca ritual killing as represented by the unique capacocha rite.

Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Yunnan nationalities in China

ucleotide sequences of the D-loop region of human mitochondrial DNA from four Yunnan nationalities, Dai, Wa, Lahu, and Tibetan, were analyzed.

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