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Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins

  • A2

    Haplogroup A2 is an Native Americas branch on the maternal tree of human kind. The woman who founded this line lived between 13,900 and 17,400 years ago (Behar et al 2012b).

    People: Places: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, North America, Peru, Puerto Rico, South America, Uruguay, and Venezuela


Explore your maternal heritage in the Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins.


Genetic Genealogy News

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DNA Survey – DNA Triangulation

When I closed the survey, 101 people (n=101) had taken it. The first question was, "Do you use DNA Triangulation with your matches?" 63.4% answered Yes, and 36.6% answered No.

23andMe Is Eliminating Usernames on 27 Sep. 2017

23andMe sent out the following message to all of their customers today.

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Early human occupation of a maritime desert, Barrow Island, North-West Australia

The dietary breadth of both arid zone terrestrial fauna and marine species increases after the Last Glacial Maximum and significantly so by the mid-Holocene. The cave is abandoned by 6.8 ka when the island becomes increasingly distant from the mainland coast.

The Genomic History Of Southeastern Europe

We report new genome-wide ancient DNA data from 204 individuals-65 Paleolithic and Mesolithic, 93 Neolithic, and 46 Copper, Bronze and Iron Age-who lived in southeastern Europe and surrounding regions between about 12,000 and 500 BCE.

Potential hominin affinities of Graecopithecus from the Late Miocene of Europe

The split of our own clade from the Panini is undocumented in the fossil record. To fill this gap we investigated the dentognathic morphology of…

Best practice recommendations for the establishment of a national DNA identification program for missing persons: a global perspective

I will translate key Fellowship findings into practical recommendations for the establishment of a national DNA identification program based on international best practice that will be applicable for any country considering implementing a DNA-led MP program.

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