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Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins

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    Haplogroup M8a3a is a branch on the maternal tree of humanity.

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Explore your maternal heritage in the Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins.


Genetic Genealogy News

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Family Tree DNA's DNA Day Sale 2017! (April 20 – 27)

Connect with relatives at sale prices during Family Tree DNA's DNA Day Sale.

Student Citizen-Science: Connecting the Jewish Future to Its Past

The Y-DNA Q-M242 Project will be partnering with Avotaynu in 2017 on several research initiatives to expand our knowledge of Jewish Heritage, Genealogy, and the branches of Haplogroup Q found in Jewish Diaspora populations.

Holiday Sale at Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA has announced their Holiday Sale. The message is clear. Every Monday customers will get coupons. If you like your coupon, use it. If you don't, get someone else to use it, and [...]

Exploring Microarray Chips

I am starting my first big adventure for the Genetic Genealogy Compendium. Four major genetic genealogy test sellers use microarray chips (Genotyping BeadChips) for products: Ancestry.com, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and the National Geographic Genographic Project.

Recent Journal Articles

Genetic studies of the peopling of the Americas: What insights do diachronic mitochondrial genome datasets provide?

Here we briefly review the evidence for current hypotheses on the peopling process of the Americas and discuss how ancient mitochondrial DNA can provide a unique temporal perspective.

Antiquity of mtDNA lineage D1g from the southern cone of South America supports pre-Clovis migration

The discovery of the Monte Verde site was revolutionary; it led to wide acceptance of the pre-Clovis hypothesis and its corollary, the coastal migration route. Although numerous additional pre-Clovis sites have been reported in South America, debate continues about the timing of the earliest human migration. Perhaps because of the paucity of very early sites in North America, researchers there are increasingly focused on the genomic evidence.

Ancient genomes from southern Africa pushes modern human divergence beyond 260,000 years ago

The genome sequence (13x coverage) of a juvenile boy from Ballito Bay, who lived ~2,000 years ago, demonstrates that southern African Stone Age hunter-gatherers were not impacted by recent admixture; however, we estimate that all modern-day Khoekhoe and San groups have been influenced by 9-22% genetic admixture from East African/Eurasian pastoralist groups arriving >1,000 years ago, including the Ju|'hoansi San, previously thought to have very low levels of admixture.

Y chromosomal deletion pattern in Koreans inhabiting Jeju Island

Therefore, detailed analysis of mutations of Y chromosome genes might provide information for personal identification or analysis of phylogenetic history. In Y-STR (short tandem repeat) analysis tests on 668 habitants of Jeju Island, the largest island in the Korean peninsula located apart from the mainland, a deletion at DYS448 was found in 10 samples.

Latest Posts

Q-Backbone Test – Update 1

Results for the first 90 Q-Backbone SNP Pack tests are back. Of these, 78 are in the Q-M242 project. They are exciting, and we have updated many of the clusters in the project based on them.

The Q-M120 From Lima, Peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru in South America. It is unsurprising then that the 1000 Genomes project found a Q sample there. Sample HG01944 from that project though does not seem to belong in South America. You see, it is Q-M120, and that is an East Asian lineage.

Funding two BIG Ys

The project is currently working to fund two BIG Ys. The first kit is N58043. His known origins trace to the city of Varanasi in India.

BIG Y for Guatemalan Mayan

Way way back in 2010, the project funded Walk Through the Y testing for a number of project members. One of those was a Guatemalan participant with Mayan ancestry.