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Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins

  • H6a1b2

    Haplogroup H6a1b2 is a branch on the maternal tree of human kind. Its age is between 2,600 and 7,000 years (Behar et al., 2012b).

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Explore your maternal heritage in the Encyclopedia of mtDNA Origins.


Genetic Genealogy News

23andMe Is Eliminating Usernames on 27 Sep. 2017

23andMe sent out the following message to all of their customers today.

  • Small DNA Segments 1

DNA Survey – Small DNA Segments

DNA Segments and their reliability for identifying DNA shared between descendants of a common ancestor are central to autosomal genetic genealogy. It is generally accepted that as the size of a DNA Segment decreases its likely reliability also decreases and the likelihood that it is a false positive increases. Thus, the subject of Small DNA Segments is a controversial and important topic.

DNA Survey – Haplogroup Basics

I am starting a DNA Survey series. I have two motivations. First, I believe in serving users wants. Second, I believe in transparency.

Family Tree DNA – Friends & Family Sale (OK, we all know it is the Sizzling Summer Sale.)

It is time again for Family Tree DNA's mid-summer sale.  This year the sale runs from August 1st through August 31st. That gives us plenty of time to fire up our genealogy software and fire off emails and phone calls to our cousins.

Recent Journal Articles

Y-STR Haplogroup Diversity in the Jat Population Reveals Several Different Ancient Origins

A sample of 302 Y-chromosome haplotypes of Jats in India and Pakistan was analyzed. The results showed that the sample population had several different lines of ancestry and emerged from at least nine different geographical regions of the world.

The finding of disaccord in haplogroup prediction by online software in a father-son pair

Although Y-STR typing seems more widely used in forensic casework and convenient to predict haplogroup with online tools, our finding suggested that the occurrence of errors in Y-chromosome haplogroup prediction should be cautious.

Comprehensive Mutation Analysis of 53 Y-STR Markers in Father-Son Pairs

The knowledge of mutation rate at Y-STR markers is essential in forensic casework, especially kinship genetic studies. In the present study, one hundred father–son pairs from Chinese Han population were typed with 53 Y STR markers (38 conventional markers and 15 rapidly mutating markers).

DNA analysis of lineage markers from skeletons from a mass grave related to the Battle of Reichenberg in 1757

During a rescue excavation in October 2011, archaeologists discovered a mass grave containing the skeletons of 10 male individuals. The skeletons are expected to belong to victims of the Battle of Reichenberg between the Austrian and Prussian armies on April 21, 1757.

Latest Posts

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Use GEDMatch ‘One-to-many' matches

The GEDMatch 'One-to-many' matches page shows who you match in the GEDMatch database and the amount of autosomal DNA and X-chromosome DNA you share with them.

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Upload a GEDCOM File to GEDMatch

GEDMatch has the ability to link family trees and has several useful tools to compare trees between matches. Once you have your GEDMatch account set up and autosomal data files added, the next step is adding a tree. To add your tree to GEDMatch, you upload a GEDCOM file.

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Upload a file to GEDMatch

Once yoOnce you have created a GEDMatch account, you can upload one or more autosomal DNA files. This will allow you to match against the GEDMatch database and use GEDMatch's tools.

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Create a GEDMatch Account

GEDMatch is a 3rd party tool site for autosomal DNA. It allows matching between multiple DNA testing companies. It also has tools that are not found elsewhere.