Age: About 27,600 years ago

Origin: Eurasia


Parent Branch: J-M172

Descendant branch(s): J-CTS7683 J-PF5050

FTDNA Tree Link: Link

YFull Info

Name: J-M410

Age: 27600 ybp ± 4400 CI 95%

Expansion: 18500 ybp ± 2900 CI 95%

Parent: J-M41

Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers.


J-M410 is a branch on the paternal tree of human kind. It and branches help trace human history from our origin in Africa.

FamilyTreeDNA Y-Haplotree

Pod not found

J-M410 Technical Details


This branch is defined by the Y-Haplotree at FamilyTreeDNA as J-M410. There, it is the child of the J-M172 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

M410, CTS10036, CTS10134, CTS1030, CTS10551, CTS10591, CTS1085, CTS11094, CTS113, CTS12014, CTS12015, CTS12073, CTS128, CTS1328, CTS2537, CTS2618, CTS3816, CTS4195, CTS4360, CTS4540, CTS4699, CTS5066, CTS523, CTS5461, CTS5482, CTS585, CTS5867, CTS6586, CTS6660, CTS7943, CTS8264, CTS8547, CTS9245, CTS9538, CTS9781, CTS9856, CTS9980, F1183, F1559, F2078, F2418, F2672, F4100, F4106, F4221, F4259, F4266, F4334, F841, FGC2790, FGC2793, FGC2795, FGC78324, FGC78327, FGC78330, FGC78331, FGC78332, FGC78807, FT3325, L212, L505, L532, L559, L927, PF4496, PF4500, PF4527, PF4891, PF4896, PF4897, PF4899, PF4900, PF4902, PF4903, PF4904, PF4927, PF4928, PF4929, PF4938, PF4942, PF4943, PF4945, PF4946, PF4952, PF4953, PF4954, PF4955, PF4959, PF4960, PF4962, PF4979, PF4982, PF4983, PF4985, PF4992, Z2135, Z2137, Z7726, Z7731, Z7732, Z7734, Z7736, Z7739, Z7740, Z7745, Z7746, Z7747, Z7748, Z7749, Z7750, Z7751, Z7752, Z7753, Z7754, Z7755, Z7758, Z7761, Z7763


This branch is defined by YFull as J-M410. There, it is the child of the J-M41 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

CTS12073, PF4959, PF4928, Z7748, PF4496, PF4942, L212, PF4976, V5406, CTS1030, PF4948, PF4896, PF4975, CTS12015, PF4990, PF4982, PF4954, Z7755, PF4958, L559, PF4972, CTS585, PF4957, M410, PF4953, PF4955, CTS5482, CTS113, PF4962, CTS4360, CTS12014, CTS5867, CTS4540, CTS5066, L505, PF4900, PF4918, CTS3816, PF4956, Z7754, Z7745, PF4938, CTS523, Z7753, Z7731, Z7746, Z7747, Z7750, Z7736, Z7751, PF4527, L927, CTS128, PF4891, Z2134, CTS4699, PF4929, PF4943, CTS11094, CTS10036, CTS8264, PF4967, CTS9538, CTS10551, PF4927, PF4983, CTS2618, CTS7943, CTS9980, PF4500, CTS8547, PF4945, PF4952, PF4985, PF4897, CTS10134, Z7760, V7367, Z7734, Z7749, PF4946, Z7761, Z2130, Z2135, Z7732, Z7726, Z7752, L532, PF4899, CTS1085, PF4992, CTS2537, CTS9856, CTS10591, Z7739, PF4902, Z7758, CTS9245, PF4903, CTS6586, F1559, F4221, CTS5461, CTS6660, Y4998, CTS9781, Z2137, Z7763, PF4904, Z7740, Y24085, CTS4195, L375, L379, L374, L373

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