Age: About 700 years ago

Origin: Eurasia


Parent Branch: I-Y87413

Descendant branch(s): I-BY90019

FTDNA Tree Link: Link

YFull Info

Name: I-Y87525

Age: 700 ybp ± 825 CI 95%

Expansion: 375 ybp ± 700 CI 95%

Parent: I-Y8752

Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers.


I-Y87525 is a branch on the paternal tree of human kind. It and branches help trace human history from our origin in Africa.

FamilyTreeDNA Y-Haplotree

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I-Y87525 Technical Details


This branch is defined by the Y-Haplotree at FamilyTreeDNA as I-Y87525. There, it is the child of the I-Y87413 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

Y87525, Y108724, Y113421, Y89192, Y90480, Y90866, Y98784


This branch is defined by YFull as I-Y87525. There, it is the child of the I-Y8752 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

Y108724, Y89192, Y98784, Y87525, Y90866, Y113421

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