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    Age: TBD

    Origin: Eurasia


    Parent Branch: I-M170

    Descendant branch(s): I-DF29 I-Z17954

    FTDNA Tree Link: Link

    YFull Info

    Name: I1

    Age: 27500 ybp ± 4600 CI 95%

    Expansion: 4600 ybp ± 1100 CI 95%

    Parent: I

    Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers.

    I-M253 is a branch on the paternal tree of humanity. The first male to belong to this line lived over 25,000 years ago. He was likely born during the late paleolithic to hunter-gatherers who traveled the open grassy parts of Eurasia.

    Most members of this lineage alive today have a much more recent origin. They trace their ancestry to a small number of lines that lived during the Bronze Age in Europe.

    FamilyTreeDNA Y-Haplotree

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    I-M253 Technical Details


    This branch is defined by the Y-Haplotree at FamilyTreeDNA as I-M253. There, it is the child of the I-M170 branch.

    Defining Variant(s)

    M253, CTS10, CTS10140, CTS10338, CTS10613, CTS11036, CTS11042, CTS11526, CTS11534, CTS11552, CTS11775, CTS11783, CTS11950, CTS12008, CTS1393, CTS2375, CTS2524, CTS2644, CTS2738, CTS3506, CTS3843, CTS4130, CTS4295, CTS5167, CTS5408, CTS5513, CTS565, CTS5705, CTS571, CTS5783, CTS5891, CTS5993, CTS6140, CTS6221, CTS6395, CTS641, CTS6629, CTS7267, CTS7949, CTS8394, CTS8716, CTS9288, FGC2435, L118, L121, L123, L124, L125, L157, L186, L187, L509, L574, L575, L740, L75, L750, L759, L80, L81, L841, M307, M450, P30, P40, PAGES00123, YSC0000257, YSC0000259, YSC0000264, YSC0000299, YSC0000301, Z2715, Z2722, Z2843, Z2845


    This branch is defined by YFull as I1. There, it is the child of the I branch.

    Defining Variant(s)

    Y1857, Z2696, Y1837, Z2686, Z2821, Z2682, Z2783, Z2774, Y1842, Z2693, Z2851, Z2776, Y1848, Z2828, Z2677, Z2881, Z2710, Z2889, Z2810, Z2853, Z2868, Z2888, Z2687, Y1849, Z2815, Z2753, CTS9845, Z2704, L125, Z2871, Z2870, Z2864, Z2845, L121, Z2809, Z2751, Z2843, Z2880, Z2826, Z2850, L840, Z2719, Z2754, Z2765, Z2872, Z2676, Y1863, M450, Z2823, Z2799, Z2756, L124, Z2750, Z2878, Z2730, CTS10338, Z2779, Z2712, Z2702, Z2818, Z2700, L118, M253, Y1868, Z2875, Z2857, Z2836, Z2841, Z2862, Z2737, Z2701, Z2808, Z2885, Z2842, Z2785, Z2822, Z2861, Y3658, Z2866, Z2865, Z2787, Z2793, Z2723, V5203, Z2680, Z2708, Z2876, Y1864, Z2837, Z2789, Z2769, Z2802, Z2852, Z2768, Z2840, Z2724, Z2727, Z2732, Z2757, Z2767, Y1872, Y1871, Z2807, Z2812, Z2863, FGC2441, Z2846, CTS11042, Z2713, Z2726, Z2729, Z2743, Z2844, Z2819, Z2717, FGC10275, Y1852, Y1924, Y1915, Y1858, Y1859, Z2692, Z2747, Z2755, Y1926, Y1832, Z2689, Y1845, Y1853, FGC7747, Y1930, Y1916, Y1919, Y1917, Y1941, Y1920, Z2695, Y1839, Y1932, Y1951, Y1962, Y1950, Z2698, Z2758, Z2855, Z2833, Z2722, Z2797, Z2869, Z2706, Z2777, Z2798, Z2678, Y1927, Z2811, Z2816, Z2685, Z2873, Z2806, Z2731, Z2832, Z2867, Z2854, CTS2044, Z2721, Z2804, Z2775, Y125190, Z2679, Z2718, Z2784, Z2748, V5190, Z2830, YSC0000259, Z2752, Z2766, CTS9900, Z2707, Y1833, Z2688, Z2684, Z2690, Z2780, CTS12323, Z2740, CTS7988, Z2746, CTS4387, Y1846, CTS8468, Y1840, Z2694, FGC77155, CTS10308, CTS5783, Z2715, L80, P30, Z2877, Z2771, L81, Z2711, Z2874, Z2760, Z2805, Z2759, Z2728, L123, Z2733, Z2764, Z2879, Z2772, Z2714, L845, Z2883, L75, Z2835, Z2791, Z2794, Z2803, Z2886, Y1882, Z2738, Z2824, Z2762, Z2725, Z2720, Z2849, PAGE123, Z2786, Z2856, Z2699, Z2817, Z2829, CTS3029, P40, Y1918, Y1883, FGC33327, Y1870, Y1873, Z2814, Z2736, Z2749, Y1929, Y1921, FGC2433, Z2745, Y1940, FGC77152, Y1939, Z2813, Z2827, CTS6992, Z2790, Y1891, Z2800, L157.1, Z2825, Z2770, Z2792, Z2703, Z2778, Z2782, Z2709, CTS10566, Z2734, Z2697, Y1947, Z2691, Z2796, Z2773, Z2834, Y1836, YSC0000301, Z2781, Z2788, Y1886, CTS3828, Z2838, M307.2, Z2887, Z2848, Z2831, Z2847, Z2820, FGC3444, Z2683, Y1906, Z2858, Y1952, Y1958, Z2705, Z2860, Y964.2, Z2839, Y1933, L1439, L347, Z2795, Z2859, Z2801, CTS898, Y1831, Y1935, Z2681, Z6116, Y1879, Y1938, Y1860_2, Y1860_1

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