Age: TBD

Origin: TBD


Parent Branch: E-M75

Descendant branch(s):

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YFull Info

Name: E-M41

Age: 37900 ybp ± 6200 CI 95%

Expansion: 5400 ybp ± 2500 CI 95%

Parent: E-M4

Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers.


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National Geographic Genographic Data

This data is derived from the The National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project — the DAR. The Hg ID is specific to this site and is used to protect the identities of those who take part in Genographic research. Birth Country, Father's Birth Country, and Paternal Grandmother's Birth Country have been normalized from DAR database fields. The Paternal Origin is determined based on the three previous fields.

National Geographic data is not available for this branch.

E-M41 Technical Details


This branch is defined by the Y-Haplotree at Family Tree DNA as E-M41. There, it is the child of the E-M75 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

M41, A10089, BY1089, BY122398, BY147087, BY151587, BY151952, BY186221, BY188348, BY188365, BY188411, BY188418, BY192861, BY192862, BY192863, BY192865, BY192866, BY192867, BY45796, BY45860, BY45924, BY46101, BY46103, BY46117, BY46121, BY46150, BY46160, BY46387, BY46672, BY46740, BY46809, BY46813, BY46815, BY47255, BY47316, BY47338, BY47554, BY47912, BY47931, BY47936, BY47957, BY48050, BY48051, BY48228, BY48398, BY48414, BY48489, BY48613, BY48900, BY48949, BY48975, BY49171, BY49208, BY49513, BY49548, BY50534, BY51649, BY80029, BY89402, FGC62111, FGC62349, FGC74105, M10445, SK961, SK962, SK963, SK964, SK965, SK966, SK967, SK968, SK969, SK970, SK971, Y146924, Y146940, Y146950, Y25291, Y25292, Y25295, Y25296, Y25297, Y25298, Y25299, Y25300, Y25301, Y25303, Y25304, Y25305, Y25306, Y25307, Y25308, Y25309, Y25310, Y25311, Y25312, Y25313, Y25314, Y25315, Y25316, Y25317, Y25319, Y25320, Y25321, Y25322, Y25323, Y25324, Y25325, Y25327, Y25328, Y25330, Y25333, Y25336, Y25338, Y25339, Y25340, Y25343, Y25344, Y25346, Y25349, Y25351, Y25352, Y25353, Y25354, Y25355, Y25356, Y25359, Y25360, Y25361, Y25362, Y25364, Y25365, Y25366, Y25367, Y25368, Y25369, Y25370, Y25371, Y25372, Y25373, Y25375, Y25376, Y25377, Y25379, Y25380, Y25381, Y25382, Y25384, Y25385, Y25388, Y25389, Y25397, Y25401, Y25402, Y25404, Y25406, Y25408, Y25411, Y25412, Y25413, Y25415, Y25416, Y25417, Y25419, Y25420, Y25422, Y25424, Y25427, Y25429, Y25430, Y25431, Y25432, Y25433, Y25436, Y25437, Y25438, Y25440, Y25441, Y25444, Y25445, Y25446, Y25447, Y25448, Y25449, Y25450, Y25451, Y25453, Y25456, Y25457, Y25458, Y25459, Y25460, Y25461, Y25462, Y25464, Y25465, Y25466, Y25468, Y25469, Y25470, Y25471, Y25472, Y25473, Y25475, Y25477, Y25478, Y25479, Y25480, Y25482, Y25484, Y25485, Y25486, Y25487, Y25488, Y25489, Y25491, Y25492, Y25494, Y25496, Y25497, Y25498, Y25502, Y27171, Y27172, Y27173, Y27174, Y27175, Y27176, Y27178, Y27179, Y27180, Y27182, Y27183, Y27184, Y27186, Y27191, Y27193, Y27195, Y27196, Y27198, Y27200, Y27204, Y27207, Y27210, Y27211, Y27212, Y27215, Y27217, Y27218, Y27222, Y27223, Y27224, Y27225, Y27226, Y27227, Y27229, Y27231, Y27232, Y27234, Y27236, Y27237, Y27239, Y27241, Y27242, Y27243, Y27246, Y27248, Y27249, Y27252, Y38104, Y38105, Y38175, Y38176, Z15754, Z20779, Z20782, Z20783


This branch is defined by YFull as E-M41. There, it is the child of the E-M4 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

Y25462, Y25485, Y25373, SK963, Y25356, Y25324, Y25328, Y25473, SK966, Y25291, Y25364, Y25420, SK964, Y25365, Y25333, Y25469, Y25479, Y25484, BY45924, Y25436, Y25323, Y25303, Y25310, SK970, Y25372, Y25415, Y27223, Y146943, Y25366, Y25498, Y25388, Y25313, Y25385, Y25458, Y25344, Y25296, Y25321, Y25382, Y25460, Y25477, Y25450, Y25456, Y25352, Y25397, Y25379, BY50534, Y25338, Y25419, Y25451, Y25489, Y25444, Y25408, Y25351, Y25393, Y25433, BY46740, Y25465, Y25424, Y25327, Y25375, Y25468, Y25471, Y25336, Y25483, Y25493, Y25423, Y25439, Y25459, Y25472, Y25480, Y25339, Y25407, Y25411, Y25360, Y25478, Y25497, Y25289, Y25318, Y25332, Y25391, Y25440, Y25295, Y25340, Y25481, Y25341, Y25353, Y25435, Y25294, Y25430, Y25476, Y25363, Y25377, Y25386, Y25405, Y25463, Y27177, Y25347, Y25392, M41, Y25345, Y25369, Y25502, Y25319, Y25442, Y25326, Y25350, Y25434, Y25307, Y25414, Y25428, Y25299, Y25317, Y25325, Y25348, Y25359, Y25474, Y25503, Y25501, Y25452, Y25495, Y25421, Y25425, Y25454, Y25443, Y25293, Y25302, Y25374, Y25499, Y25337, Y25403, Y25410, Y25297, Y25315, Y25396, Y25342, Y25400, Y25461, Y25334, Y25357, Y25387, Y25331, Y25455, Y25329, Y25394, Y25395, Y27175, Y25308, Y25368, BY48398, Y25464, Y25376, SK965, SK967, Y25384, Y25446, Y25346, Y25298, Y25496, Y25316, Y25355, Y25417, SK971, Y25320, Y25309, Y25304, M250, Y25492, Y25349, Y25406, Y25300, Y25380, Y25292, Z20782, Y25314, Y25367, Y25441, Y25482, Y27184, Y27171, Y25381, Y146949, M237, Y25422, Y25448, Y27249, Y27183, Y27243, Y25494, Y25301, Y27246, Y25491, Y25312, Y25470, Y25445, Y25486, Y27226, Y27247, Y27208, Y27232, Y27248, Y27191, Y25306, Y25401, Y25447, Y27224, Y27198, Y25453, Y25432, Y27217, Y27160, Y25389, Y27188, Y25429, Y25431, Y27173, Y25457, Y25466, Y25487, Z20779, Y25404, Y25371, Y27205, Y27180, Y27162, Y27167, Y25402, Y27250, Y27163, Y27189, SK962, Y27179, SK961, Y25322, Y27215, Y27174, Y27193, Y27186, Y27196, Y27222, Y25449, Y27204, Y27200, Z20783, Y25305, Y27161, Y25426, Y27234, Y27245, Y146950, Y27233, Y27192, Y27187, Y27210, Y27225, Y25330, Y27185, Y27240, Y27228, Y27194, Y27197, Y25383, Y27195, Y27221, Y25427, Y27178, Y27190, Y27209, Y25418, Y27216, Y25409, Y27169, Y27206, Y25399, Y25437, Y27165, Y25290, Y27244, Y25358, Y27164, Y25438, Y27231, SK968, Y27236, Y25412, Y27242, Y27212, Y27251, Y25378, Y27241, Y25362, Y27219, Y27202, Y27168, Y27207, Y27237, Y27218, Y25413, Y27203, Y27166, Y27230, Y25488, Y25343, Y27238, Y25467, Y25398, Y27172, Y27211, Y27199, Y38176, Y38106, Y38175, Y38108, Y38107, Y38105, Y38177, Y38104, Y38174, Y25475, Y27239, BY4541, Y27176, Y27252, Z20780, Y27170, Y27201, Y25416, Y14680, PF1488, Y25390, S12874, Y25354, L87, Y25311, A1290, Y27182, Y27227, Y27235, M10445, F2544, YP5091, A10089, FGC39545, Y27214, L642, FGC37459, CTS10598, Z1138, L641, Z21509, Y25361, Y25370, Y27220, Y27229, BY1089, SK969

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