Age: TBD

Origin: Africa


Parent Branch: A-PR2921

Descendant branch(s): A-V148 A-V168

FTDNA Tree Link: Link

YFull Info

Name: A0-T

Age: 235900 ybp ± 15400 CI 95%

Expansion: 161300 ybp ± 17000 CI 95%

Parent: Root

Note: This information does not imply an endorcement of YFull or their methods. It is provided at the request of readers.


A-L1090 is a branch on the paternal tree of human kind. It and branches help trace human history from our origin in Africa.

FamilyTreeDNA Y-Haplotree

Pod not found

A-L1090 Technical Details


This branch is defined by the Y-Haplotree at FamilyTreeDNA as A-L1090. There, it is the child of the A-PR2921 branch.

Defining Variant(s)

L1090, A2594, A2636, A2638, A2662, A2663, A2669, A2674, A2742, A2743, A2744, A2757, A2758, A2779, A2788, A2852, A2855, A2859, A2866, A2870, A2873, A2883, A2906, A2909, A2934, A2943, A2944, A2949, A2950, A3047, A3048, A3071, A3072, A3074, A3081, A4738, A4748, A4763, A4776, A5107, A5111, BY209189, BY209190, FGC24753, FGC24761, FGC24764, FGC24772, FGC24775, FGC24777, FGC24784, FGC24792, FGC24794, FGC24795, FGC24800, FGC24809, FGC24833, FGC25066, FGC25307, FGC25361, FGC25366, FGC25379, FGC25401, FGC25420, FGC25442, FGC25449, FGC25452, FGC25462, FGC25465, FGC25470, FGC25471, FGC25479, FGC25505, FGC25515, FGC25516, FGC25524, FGC25529, FGC25530, FGC25532, FGC25533, FGC25541, FGC25543, FGC25544, FGC25557, FGC25559, FGC25563, FGC25566, FGC25571, FGC25574, FGC25583, FGC25588, FGC25590, FGC25596, FGC25610, FGC25615, FGC25623, FGC25644, FGC25656, FGC25696, FGC25706, FGC25746, FGC25754, FGC25771, FGC25775, FGC25781, FGC25789, FGC25796, FGC25797, FGC25803, FGC25813, FGC25815, FGC25829, FGC25830, FGC25860, FGC25866, FGC25872, FGC25874, FGC25887, FGC25902, FGC25918, FGC25921, FGC25943, FGC26187, FGC26188, FGC26198, FGC26210, FGC26235, FGC26237, FGC26238, FGC26254, FGC26255, FGC26258, FGC26267, FGC26273, FGC26276, FGC26280, FGC26285, FGC26297, FGC26309, FGC26343, FGC26356, FGC26368, FGC26370, FGC26374, FGC26375, FGC26390, FGC26394, FGC26406, FGC26410, FGC26411, FGC26423, FGC26434, FGC26435, FGC26439, FGC26449, FGC26455, FGC26462, FGC26470, FGC26478, FGC26480, FGC26485, FGC26493, FGC26514, FGC26528, FGC26530, FGC26531, FGC26591, FGC26606, FGC26619, FGC26629, FGC26688, FGC26832, FGC26852, FGC26939, FGC27007, FGC27110, FGC27115, FGC27118, FGC27141, FGC27145, FGC27146, FGC27153, FGC27182, FGC27185, FGC27186, FGC27198, FGC27200, FGC27201, FGC27203, FGC27206, FGC27214, FGC27215, FGC27217, FGC27218, FGC27233, FGC27234, FGC27236, FGC27244, FGC27249, FGC27250, FGC27254, FGC27257, FGC27261, FGC27262, FGC27281, FGC27290, FGC27293, FGC27337, FGC27344, FGC27345, FGC27348, FGC27349, FGC27355, FGC27360, FGC27371, FGC27372, FGC27408, FGC27410, FGC27412, FGC27431, FGC27476, FGC27477, FGC27481, FGC27482, FGC27485, FGC27486, FGC27489, FGC27493, FGC27496, FGC27497, FGC27501, FGC27502, FGC27506, FGC27542, FGC27555, FGC27578, FGC27579, FGC27583, FGC27593, FGC27695, FGC27698, FGC27706, FGC27710, FGC27728, FGC27730, FGC27733, FGC27736, FGC27738, FGC27752, FGC27764, FGC27769, FGC27771, FGC27774, FGC27782, FGC27785, FGC27791, FGC27795, FGC27820, FGC27826, FGC27884, FGC27886, L1085, L1089, L1093, L1095, L1098, L1099, L1101, L1105, L1116, L1118, L1120, L1121, L1123, L1124, L1125, L1127, L1128, L1129, L1130, L1132, L1135, L1136, L1137, L1142, L1143, L1145, L1150, L1155, L1235, YP1735, YP1775, YP1802, YP1807, YP1812, YP1814, YP1820, YP1827, YP1829, YP1830, YP1831, YP1839, YP1854, YP1873, YP1915, YP1958, YP1964, YP1965, YP1967, YP1969, YP1970, YP1974, YP1975, YP1976, YP1977, YP1979, YP1980, YP1981, YP1982, YP1983, YP1984, YP1985, YP1989, YP1990, YP1991, YP1992, YP1993, YP1995, YP1998, YP1999, YP2002, YP2003, YP2005, YP2006, YP2007, YP2008, YP2009, YP2011, YP2012, YP2015, YP2016, YP2017, YP2018, YP2020, YP2022, YP2023, YP2024, YP2025, YP2026, YP2028, YP2031, YP2032, YP2035, YP2037, YP2041, YP2044, YP2045, YP2046, YP2047, YP2051, YP2053, YP2058, YP2060, YP2062, YP2067, YP2068, YP2069, YP2070, YP2071, YP2072, YP2073, YP2076, YP2079, YP2080, YP2130, YP2152, YP2153, YP2180, YP2190, YP2191, YP2192, YP2193, YP2205, YP2235, YP2237, YP2238, YP2239, YP2240, YP2241, YP2242, YP2243, YP2244, YP2245, YP2251, YP2252, YP2255, YP2257, YP2258, YP2259, YP2261, YP3894, YP3895


This branch is defined by YFull as A0-T. There, it is the child of the Root branch.

Defining Variant(s)

FGC27410, FGC25408, FGC25544, YP2191, YP2192, A4737, FGC26394, FGC26254, YP2248, FGC27337, L1101, L1098, YP1813, FGC27752, FGC26541, FGC27698, FGC25874, L1123, YP1806, FGC25465, YP2193, FGC26449, FGC25515, FGC26258, FGC25420, A2638, FGC25677, FGC25366, FGC25470, FGC26198, YP2251, FGC27733, FGC25479, YP3893, L1150, FGC27728, FGC25541, FGC25566, FGC25516, FGC27344, FGC27145, L1118, FGC25590, FGC25452, YP2252, FGC26375, FGC27493, FGC27118, FGC26297, FGC27349, FGC25918, FGC27185, FGC25596, L1135, FGC25401, YP2231, FGC26309, FGC27186, A2744, FGC27477, L1143, YP2226, FGC26368, FGC26280, FGC27141, FGC25872, FGC25559, FGC25696, FGC27771, L1105, YP1814, A2743, A3072, FGC25543, FGC25623, FGC25583, FGC25462, FGC26410, L1132, FGC27146, FGC24764, YP2247, A2757, FGC27502, YP2189, YP1829, FGC25379, YP3894, FGC27206, FGC25943, FGC27774, FGC25796, FGC27262, FGC27791, FGC25829, FGC27115, YP2242, FGC27254, A4776, FGC26370, L1145, FGC25532, A2758, FGC27501, YP2259, FGC27886, FGC24777, FGC27412, FGC27233, FGC27215, FGC27431, FGC27782, FGC26223, FGC26235, YP2190, YP1812, FGC26267, YP2159, YP2229, FGC26470, FGC25866, L1136, FGC25789, FGC26478, YP2205, YP2258, FGC27738, FGC25505, FGC24772, FGC27203, FGC26210, FGC26276, FGC26238, L1273, YP2153, A2934, FGC26374, FGC25471, A2669, FGC25361, FGC26257, A2883, FGC27820, FGC27482, FGC25797, L1142, FGC26435, YP2134, L1155, FGC25853, YP1915, YP1824, L1137, FGC25887, A2906, FGC27764, FGC27293, FGC27481, A2866, FGC27217, FGC26406, A2627, FGC25307, FGC24761, A3047, FGC27785, FGC27218, FGC27372, YP2235, YP2241, YP2250, FGC25497, YP1830, FGC25644, YP2238, YP2243, FGC27706, YP1819, YP1735, FGC27736, YP1828, FGC25571, FGC25828, L1120, A2943, A2742, FGC25830, FGC26434, FGC25529, FGC24794, YP1775, FGC25803, FGC25615, A2949, A2855, FGC26531, FGC27182, FGC25902, FGC27110, YP2240, FGC25771, YP1802, YP1737, FGC27348, A2662, FGC27200, FGC27236, FGC27489, FGC26485, FGC25557, YP2244, FGC27261, YP2246, FGC24753, FGC27153, FGC27506, FGC27281, FGC27496, FGC27375, A2950, FGC27290, YP1831, A2870, FGC26530, FGC27198, FGC27257, FGC25524, FGC27826, YP1832, L1121, FGC26462, FGC25860, FGC26187, FGC25066, FGC27884, FGC27355, FGC25706, FGC26390, FGC27578, FGC27244, FGC24792, FGC27542, FGC25449, FGC27473, FGC25625, FGC26688, FGC27214, FGC27345, FGC27371, FGC25813, A3071, FGC27234, YP1820, FGC27795, YP1827, FGC25656, A2673, FGC24784, FGC25815, FGC25775, FGC25655, FGC26285, YP2228, A2663, FGC27486, YP2129, YP2152, YP2133, A2752, FGC27250, FGC26514, YP2237, FGC25574, FGC27360, FGC25781, FGC25695, FGC26528, FGC26255, A2909, FGC25530, FGC26513, FGC25442, FGC27543, FGC27497, YP1839, A2646, FGC26455, FGC27249, FGC26439, YP2255, A2674, A2937, FGC24833, YP2236, FGC24795, FGC27408, FGC27476, FGC25610, A2594, A3074, YP2157, YP1838, L1125, YP2257, FGC27710, FGC24809, FGC25533, FGC26383, YP2239, YP2261, FGC26237, A2873, FGC26493, FGC26411, YP3895, FGC26273, A2944, YP2253, L1130, FGC24800, FGC26188, FGC25659, FGC25921, A2868, YP2256, YP2245, FGC25708, FGC25457, YP2130, FGC25746, FGC26356, FGC27201, YP1854, L1124, FGC27769, FGC26192, FGC26480, FGC27583, YP1873, FGC25754, L1235, FGC24769, YP1808, FGC27116, YP2180, FGC27579, FGC27802, YP1807, FGC25588, FGC27555, FGC27730, FGC26279, FGC24775, YP2254, L1090, FGC26405, FGC27113, YP2249, FGC25865, FGC25926, FGC25464, YP2158, L1127, FGC26423, FGC27734, FGC25394, FGC24781, FGC27394, FGC26343, FGC27382, A2636, A4763, FGC26561, FGC27593, A2621, A2622, A2623, FGC26182, A2624, FGC27834, A2779, YP2132, FGC25550, FGC25563, FGC27792, YP2173, FGC25488, FGC25816, FGC25450, FGC26487, A2611, FGC27704, FGC25403, FGC27538, YP1756, FGC25704, FGC26298, YP1963, FGC25881, FGC26502, L1093, FGC27025, L1116, FGC27721, FGC25562, YP2260, YP2230, A2879, FGC26484, FGC27272, FGC26197, YP2182, FGC27013, FGC26149, FGC27112, YP2131, YP2174, FGC26364, YP1818, FGC27878, YP1866, FGC24998, FGC26476, L1099, FGC24824, FGC27576, YP1841, FGC27155, FGC25345, A3073, FGC27255, YP1740, YP3890, FGC26289, A2882, FGC25328, FGC27443, FGC26492, YP2181, FGC25676, YP1732, FGC26610, YP1911, A4750, FGC26472, FGC26779, FGC25061, FGC27081, FGC26639, FGC27743, YP3885, FGC26277, YP3887, FGC25493, A2554, FGC26987, FGC25418, YP3881, FGC25536, FGC26833, FGC26737, YP1928, FGC27136, FGC25864, FGC25299, YP1996, A4702, FGC26627, Y17301, FGC25094, FGC25482, Y17293, A3042, FGC26835, FGC26341, FGC26577, YP3886, FGC26467, A2921, FGC27358, YP3888, FGC26593, FGC27247, FGC26632, YP3874, YP3884, FGC26287, A2606, FGC26738, FGC24763, FGC26620, L1128, FGC24755, FGC27037, YP3873, Y17292, FGC27006, YP3876, L1085, Y14727, FGC27813, FGC26656, FGC26159, L1089, YP3892, YP3889, FGC27714, YP2080, FGC25224, FGC27007, FGC26591, FGC26832, A2788, A2852, FGC26606, FGC26852, FGC26939, FGC26629, FGC26619, FGC26984, FGC26961, FGC26891, FGC26959, A2797, FGC27695

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