///YFull Tree – Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

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YFull Tree – Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

The various DNA testing companies often use different versions of the Y-chromosome tree. Even though you have tested onto the same branch at multiple companies, that branch may be named differently at each. This can make it hard to Google for resources about your haplogroup.

YFull maintains one of the three versions of the paternal, Y-chromosome, tree of human kind. The names used for haplogroups, tree branches, on their tree are usually in common use in the genetic genealogy community. Therefore, when looking for resources for your haplogroup, it is useful to be able to change to the haplogroup used by Yfull. This tutorial shows how to find your current haplogroup on the YFull tree.


Binary Polymorphism – A genetic change with two possible states. That is positive or negative — derived or ancestral. Most binary polymorphisms on the 2017 tree are Y-SNPs. For simplicity, I usually refer to all types of binary polymorphisms as variants.
Haplogroup – A branch on the Y-chromosome Tree defined by one or more binary polymorphism.
Y-chromosome – The human male sex chromosome. It is passed from a father to his sons each generation with only small random changes.
Y-DNA – The DNA contained on the Y-chromosome.
Y-SNP – This is a genetic change of exactly one base pair to another value, A changes to C. This is a type of binary polymorphism.
– A 3rd party site for Y-DNA results.

How To

Before you start, you should have your haplogroup from one of the Y-DNA testing companies.

Step 1

Go to the YFull tree page, https://yfull.com/tree/.

YFull Tree - Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

The YFull Tree Page

Step 2

On the top right of the page, click on the Search button.

YFull Tree - Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

The Search Button

Step 3

Put the Y-SNP from your haplogroup in the SNP name field. Then click the Search button. In the example, I am searching for the I-P109 haplogroup. The name of the Y-SNP is the information to the right of the dash, so in this case it is P109.

YFull Tree - Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

YFull SNP Search Box

Step 4

In the search results, look for the name of the haplogroup in green on the right. That is the name for your haplogroup on the YFull tree. In the example, the YFull tree haplogroup is I-P109.

YFull Tree - Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

YFull Y-SNP Search Box Results

Step 5

Click on the haplogroup name to open the YFull tree to it.

YFull Tree - Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

YFull I-P109 Tree

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