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Age: Undetermined
Origin: Middle East
Parent Branch: Q-L56
Descendant branch(s):


Q-M323 is a branch on the paternal tree of human kind. It was first found in the Yemeni Jewish population. It may be exclusive to the Yemeni Jews, because it has not been found in other populations. (Shen et al., 2004)

Tree Position

In 2009, Family Tree DNA tested a Q-M323 reference sample for several Y-SNP markers. The results were as follows:
L191 ins-
L53 G-
L54 G-
L55 G-
L56 A+
L57 A+
M323 T+
M346 G+

Unfortunately, their references sample is exhausted, and additional testing cannot be done.

Defining SNPs

g.Name (build 37)Position (build 37)Ancestral AlleleDerived AlleleNamesBranchTested By
g.21867718C>T21867718CTM323Q-M323FTDNA Single SNP Test

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