///Use the FTDNA-GAP Download Page

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Use the FTDNA-GAP Download Page

The Download Files page of the FTDNA-GAP allows you to download copies of many of the GAP pages as either CSV or XML files. Both formats can be opened in Excel. CSV format can also be opened by Google Spreadsheets and other opensource spreadsheet programs.

This tutorial assumes you are an FTDNA admin or co-admin and have a login ID and password.

Step 1

Go to the Family Tree DNA website, and click the SIGN IN link on the top right.

The FTDNA Website

The FTDNA Website

Step 2

Enter your admin ID and password, then click the Sign In button.

Sign in page

Sign in page

Step 3

On the top menu, select the PROJECT ADMINISTRATION option.


Top Menu

Step 4

From the drop-down menu, select Download Files.

FTDNA-GAP Download Files

Download Files

Step 5

Select either the CSV (CSV file) or EXCEL (XML file) next to a report.

FTDNA-GAP Select a report

Select a report

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