///Upload a file to GenePlaza

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Upload a file to GenePlaza

This tutorial walks you through uploading either a 23andMe or an Ancestry.com DNA file to the GenePlaza website.

Before you start, you should have a GenePlaza account and have downloaded either your Ancestry.com DNA file or your 23andMe file.

Step 1

Go to the GenePlaza website. Click on the START HERE button on the top right.

The GenePlaza Website

The GenePlaza Website

Step 2

Click the LOG IN button.

Log in

Account Login

Step 3

Enter your email and password, then click the LOG IN button.

GenePlaza Login

GenePlaza Login

Step 4

On the dashboard, click the UPLOAD YOUR DNA DATA button.

GenePlaza Dashboard

GenePlaza Dashboard

Step 5

Click the UPLOAD YOUR DNA DATA button.

File upload

File upload

Step 5

Find your raw data file on your computer. Select the file and open it.

Select File for GenePlaza

Select File

Step 6

They show progress of the file uploading.

GenePlaza File Upload Progress

File Upload Progress

Step 7

You should get an upload success message.

GenePlaza File upload complete

File upload complete

Step 8

You are then taken to a page that shows your file is being processed. Based on the messaging, this likely includes SNP imputation.

GenePlaza File processing

File processing

Step 9

Check your email for a message that your file has been processed. It will take several hours.

Email from GenePlaza

Email from GenePlaza

Step 10

Back on the GenePlaza website, your dashboard will now have a list of apps you can purchase.

Dashboard After Upload

Dashboard after upload

In the next tutorial in this series, I will go through the steps of purchasing a GenePlaza app and look at the neuroticism app.

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