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Update – The Q-M120 Sample from Lima, Peru and Additional 1K Genomes samples

On a personal note, I am going to try sending shorter project updates more often. I catch myself too often staring at my computer and thinking about just how much I have to share with you to the point that I don’t write any of it. <ECK!>

Now, to explain where the majority of the money now in the project general fund is going…

Back in mid-June, the project began work to get a Q-M120 sample from Lima, Peru that was tested by the 1K Genomes project. We are happy to report that this week Dr. Connie Bormans at FamilyTreeDNA received the sample. We now know that the cost to the project will be about $155 US plus shipping for first testing.

Knowing that, we have requested ten additional samples. They are eight Native Americas samples that we know to be Q-M848* and two more Q-M120 samples both from Vietnam. We are estimating that the total cost for these will be $1,550 US.

Why are these samples important? They come from populations that were selected by researchers and have verified origins. Ensuring that these samples are correctly placed on the Y-DNA tree helps us provide better answers for project members who do not know or only partly know their paternal origins.

Please keep in mind that this is a process discovery project for all involved. We are all deeply appreciative that Dr. Bormans is willing to explore possibilities.

Best Regards
Rebekah A. Canada and the Q-M242 Team

P.S. We now have $385 of funds contributed toward South American Big Y testing.

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