Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is when I care about myself unconditionally. It is when I accept that I need personal boundaries. It is when I know I have flaws, but I learn to show compassion to myself as I do to my friends.

Unconditional love is when I set aside all of the *shoulds* and do what is right for me.

Unconditional love is when I accept that caring about someone is not drowning with them. It is not accepting their abuse. It is not throwing myself away. It is not hiding who I truly am.

Unconditional love is self acceptance: good and bad.

Unconditional love is knowing that there are some people I will have to love on the other side of a no-contact boundary I have set.

Unconditional love is truly knowing that the conditions are on accepted behaviors and not the love.

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