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Y-DNA Testing Strategy – Case 1, the Kennedy-Cannaday-Canada Family of Western Kentucky

One of the most important truths of genetic genealogy is that successes do not happen on their own. Genealogists plan them. Unless you are adopted or have an unknown paternity on your paternal line, the best practice for Y-chromosome DNA genealogy is testing of targeted people combined with traditional genealogy.

YFull Tree – Y-SNP Search for Your Haplogroup

The various DNA testing companies often use different versions of the tree. Even though you have tested onto the same branch at multiple companies, that branch may be named differently at each. This can make it hard to Google for resources about your haplogroup.


Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype (WAMH)

The Atlantic Modal Haplotype or Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype (WAMH) as FamilyTreeDNA calls it is the most common haplotype of men in Western Europe.