Q-Backbone Test – Update 1

Results for the first 90 Q-Backbone SNP Pack tests are back. Of these, 78 are in the Q-M242 project. They are exciting, and we have updated many of the clusters in the project based on them.

New Y-DNA Haplogroup Q Backbone SNP Pack

DNA testing in a citizen science project like the Q-M242 Haplogroup project must be both progressive and pragmatic. Testing is progressive when it uses new technologies like BIG Y and advanced SNP packs to discover and explore new branches. It is pragmatic when it recognizes that all cannot afford the price of such tests and finds other options.

A Q-Z780 (Q-CTS1780) BIG Y

Thanks to contributions to the project, we will be BIG Y testing a project member (Cardoza kit 29068) who is L66+. This will help us discover Y-SNP markers that reliably define this match. It will also allow us to find how recently the line is connected to the Anzick child.