BIG Y for Guatemalan Mayan

Way way back in 2010, the project funded Walk Through the Y testing for a number of project members. One of those was a Guatemalan participant with Mayan ancestry.

BIG Y Testing a Scott Surname Male Q-YP1462

The project has the opportunity to test an Native Americas male with the SCOTT surname. His Y-STR markers make him a distant match to the FREEMAN group on the Q-YP1462 branch of Q-M3. This links him to other Algonquian lineages.

Q-BZ2034 Branches – Mahican & Cherokee

Together, the Van Gilder, Helton, and Woodall families belong to a new Native Americas branch, Q-BZ2034. The Heltons and Woodalls both have traditions of being Cherokee. The Van Gilders have a tradition of being Mahican.


Q-M242 Project News (22 Dec 2016)

The big news for the project today is that we have successfully funded three BIG Ys for the project. These include a Mahican Q-M3, a New Mexico Jewish Heritage Q-L275, and an Italian Q-L245. We are now working to fund testing of an Asian Q-M120 project member.

Updating the Native American Q-M3 Tree (P2) – Q-M242 News (6 Nov. 2016)

I am continuing from my previous post about updating the Native American Q-M3 branch of the paternal (Y-DNA) Tree. The team has been busy verifying branches and removing those that are not suitable for inclusion on a stable tree. As outlined before, we are excluding the use of Y-SNPs that are recurrent and branches that are defined only by recurrent Y-SNPs. The new Q-M3 Draft Tree is below.

Q-M242 News (27 Oct. 2016) – Updating the Native American Q-M3 Tree

Today, I write about updating the Native American Q branch, Q-M3. Today, I write about updating the Native American Q branch, Q-M3. Q-M3 is the best known and highest frequency branch of Y-DNA haplogroup Q. Members of it reach from the Eskimo like peoples of far North Eastern Asia across the sea to Canada and throughout both North and South America. As such, it is a vital tool for understanding the histories and peoples of the Americas. Until the past few years though, little had been done to discover and investigate its branches.