Q-L53 – June 2017

Q-L53 is a child of Q-M346. It is the parent of Q-L54 and YP4004. From YFull analysis, Q-L53 is between 20,000 and 18,300 years old. So far, members of this lineage that do not belong to either Q-L54 or Q-YP4004 have not been found. However, the discovery of the Q-YP4004 lineage is relatively recent. Much more …

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Q-Backbone Test – Update 1

Results for the first 90 Q-Backbone SNP Pack tests are back. Of these, 78 are in the Q-M242 project. They are exciting, and we have updated many of the clusters in the project based on them.

New Y-DNA Haplogroup Q Backbone SNP Pack

DNA testing in a citizen science project like the Q-M242 Haplogroup project must be both progressive and pragmatic. Testing is progressive when it uses new technologies like BIG Y and advanced SNP packs to discover and explore new branches. It is pragmatic when it recognizes that all cannot afford the price of such tests and finds other options.

Journey Across Eurasia and the Americas – Updating the Q-L53 (xM3) Tree

Q-L53 is the parent to many Y-DNA Q branches in Europe, Asia, the Americas. While its Q-M3 branch is well known as the highest frequency branch of Y-DNA Q in the Americas, it is not the only one. Many other branches have their own geographies and their own stories… I will fill in a little of the back story on two important branches within Q-L53: Q-Z780 and Q-L804.