The Stanfa Family of Caccamo

Stanfa of Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily – The Q-BZ1 I Call My Own

There are two Italian ‘sides’ to my family tree. My mother’s father’s people come from Northern Italy. My father’s mother’s people come from the Palermo province in Sicily. In the Palermo province of Sicily is the medieval mountain town of Caccamo.

Q-Backbone Test – Update 1

Results for the first 90 Q-Backbone SNP Pack tests are back. Of these, 78 are in the Q-M242 project. They are exciting, and we have updated many of the clusters in the project based on them.

New Y-DNA Haplogroup Q Backbone SNP Pack

DNA testing in a citizen science project like the Q-M242 Haplogroup project must be both progressive and pragmatic. Testing is progressive when it uses new technologies like BIG Y and advanced SNP packs to discover and explore new branches. It is pragmatic when it recognizes that all cannot afford the price of such tests and finds other options.


Q-M242 Project News (22 Dec 2016)

The big news for the project today is that we have successfully funded three BIG Ys for the project. These include a Mahican Q-M3, a New Mexico Jewish Heritage Q-L275, and an Italian Q-L245. We are now working to fund testing of an Asian Q-M120 project member.