GDPR & The Genealogy Blogger in 2019 – Security Headers

Security headers are technical. Most of us have likely never heard of them. They are the instructions we as site owners give users’ browsers to secure content from our website. It is the job of modern web browsers to be secure. Browsers allow site authors a good deal of freedom though in how secure their content is. They are as secure in some places as we tell them to be and not more than that.

Announcement FTDNA Admin GDPR 2: Group Project Updates about the General Data Protection Regulations

Family Tree DNA sent the following information out to project administrators on the 15th. One of the most important changes that is being folded in with the GDPR updates is that new project members will have to change the default setting after they join a project to allow the project administrator to impersonate into their kit. This is important for doing things like downloading the CSV file of BIG Y500 STR results.

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