Y-DNA – Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins Facebook Group

Announcing the Y-DNA – Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins Facebook Group

On the 11th, I put together a Facebook group for Y-DNA, then I held off on pushing it live. I was not 100% sure what direction I wanted it to take. While waiting, I have discovered two things. First, the genetic genealogy community is ready to embrace NexGen type Y-DNA testing like FamilyTreeDNA’s Big Y. Second, more than ever, new and even experienced community members are confused about what Y-DNA testing can do for their genealogy and the meaning of the jargon.

Y-DNA Trees and How They Grow

Y-DNA Trees and How They Grow

We just covered how the Y Chromosome Consortium formed and in 2002 published a united tree for the paternal Y-chromosome tree. The other thing they outlined in their 2002 paper was the ways the tree can change over time. Today’s post will go over these.

2002, The Y Chromosome Consortium, and Our Paternal Tree

It was the beginning of the 21st century. FamilyTreeDNA and Oxford Ancestors were just getting started. Use of the human male sex chromosome DNA, the Y-chromosome DNA, for population history research was taking off for academic researchers.

Calling for a Big Y Surname/Lineage Initiative

The year is ending, and 2018 will be here shortly. It is time for change. It is time to realize that a revolution started sometime in 2010 that reached the genetic genealogy community in 2013 has come of age.

FTDNA Announces BIG Y Updates

This morning, FamilyTreeDNA announced to project administrators some of the first major updates to their BIG Y product since its launch.


Q-M242 Project News (22 Dec 2016)

The big news for the project today is that we have successfully funded three BIG Ys for the project. These include a Mahican Q-M3, a New Mexico Jewish Heritage Q-L275, and an Italian Q-L245. We are now working to fund testing of an Asian Q-M120 project member.