The Q-M120 From Lima, Peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru in South America. It is unsurprising then that the 1000 Genomes project found a Q sample there. Sample HG01944 from that project though does not seem to belong in South America. You see, it is Q-M120, and that is an East Asian lineage.

Yet, there HG01944 sits at the top of the YFull Q-M120 tree.

Is it a recent arrival in Peru or is it a rare lineage of the Americas? It is not possible to tell right now, because the testing done on it was too low coverage for reliable results past the Q-M120 designation.

We are fortunate though that this can be fixed. With the help of Dr. Connie Bormans at FamilyTreeDNA, the Q-M242 Project is obtaining DNA from the HG01944 and ordering additional testing. The project will start with Y12 and the Q-Backbone test to confirm that we have the right sample.

Once that is confirmed, we plan to order the much higher resolution BIG Y test. There, alongside the two BIG Ys the project tested earlier this year, it will help us better understand the Q-M120 branch of the tree.

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