The Q-L245 SNP Pack

Dear Qs,

Most of you will have received an e-mail this morning about the new Q-L245 SNP Pack at FamilyTreeDNA. This has been a work of many months.

The Names Behind the Work (With Gratitude)

First, I would like to acknowledge the group whose efforts went into the Q-L245 SNP Pack’s creation. At the front were Alessandro Biondo (fellow Project Administrator) and Dr. Vladimir Gurianov (a Project Co-Administrator and avid researcher).

Next, I would like to thank the project’s other co-administrators: Stacy Greenspan, Roger Brooks, Linda Fox, Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, Kim Dawtry, Lenny Trujillo, Mark Kellam, Randy Garcia, Steve Pearson, and Jessie Emerson. I also thank the project’s axillary advisors: Dr. Miguel Vilar, Dr. Ana Oquendo Pabón, Tim Fichtner, Lawrence Mayka, Ray Banks, and others. Looking at the names this morning, it pleases me that we are such a diverse group.

Most of all, I thank all of you for being part of this project. The DNA, the test results, and the discoveries belong to you. The work I do as a project administrator is for you, and my reward is knowing that I am giving to others.

The Q-L245 SNP Pack

The Q-L245 SNP Pack is built on Geno 2.0, Walk Through the Y, and BIG Y discoveries.

Below is the preliminary tree from FamilyTreeDNA. As group members take this test, what we gain from it is tree branches that are part of recorded history. Many even reach forward into the genealogical time-frame.

FTDNA Q-L245 Tree


The SNPs that are prefixed with the letters BZ come from the name of a project member who has passed on, Barry Zwick. Barry did much to organized the Jewish Y-DNA Q men and is deeply missed by all of us. Naming these branches of the tree in his honor felt like the right thing to do. You can read about Barry here (

Other Q SNP Packs

For those outside of Q-L245, the project is working with others toward two additional SNP packs. We hope to say more soon.

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