Y-SNP haplogroups in the Antalya population in Turkish Republic

Y-SNP haplogroups in the Antalya population in Turkish Republic


SNPs are known to be the most abundant source of sequence variation in the human genome. The SNPs in the NRY (non-recombining Y-chromosome) region which passes from father to son as unchanged haplotype-blocks escaping recombination, provides important advantages in the investigations of sexual assault crimes, in the cases of parentage testing especially if the mother or alleged father is unavailable for testing and in the evolutionary studies. The aim of this study, was to determine the frequencies of Y SNP markers and the haplogroups, in order to define the Y-chromosome SNP markers which are polymorphic, have high discrimination power and can be used in forensic investigations in the Antalya population. For each of 75 unrelated males from Antalya, 35 different Y-SNP markers were amplified in a single reaction using multiplex minisequencing method. In the study, 18 markers of them were found to be polymorphic. The most frequent YSNP markers with mutations were M139 (100%), SRY10831/SRY1532 (92%), M89 (85.3%), M213 (85.3%), M9 (44%), 92R7 (30.6%), 12F2 (30.6%), M45 (29.3%), M172 (26.6%) and M173 (22.6%). The Y-chromosome haplogroups of Antalya population were defined by these 18 Y-SNP polymorphic loci and the frequencies and the distribution of haplogroups were determined. J2*(xJ2F2) (26.6%), K*(xN3,O,P) (13.3%), E3b (9.3%), F*(xH,I,J,K) (8%), R1a1*(xR1a1b) (8%), R1b*(xR1b1, R1b6, R1b8) (8%), P*(xQ3a,R1) (8%) haplogroups were identified as the most abundant in Antalya population. These haplogroups are reported as widespread also in European and neighboring Near Eastern populations.


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