//Y-chromosome haplogrouping for Asians using Y-SNP target sequencing

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Y-chromosome haplogrouping for Asians using Y-SNP target sequencing

Y-chromosome haplogrouping for Asians using Y-SNP target sequencing


Y-chromosomal haplogroups are sets of ancestrally related paternal lineages. We prepared a next generation sequencing (NGS)-based target sequencing panel of 85 Y-SNPs to determine Y-haplogroup of Asian populations. The Y-SNP panel was applied to several Asian ethnic groups: Korean, Chinese (Han and Dai), Japanese, Vietnamese, and Pakistani. Target capture was done using the SureSelect XT Custom capture kit (Agilent) and NGS was performed using the HiSeq 2500 (Illumina). This study could provide a fine Y-haplogroup tree for Asian groups. The Y-SNP panel was determined to be highly exact and reproducible and can be useful for the rapid determination of Asian Y-haplogroups. In particular, since there is a significant difference in the Y-haplogroup distribution among the Northeast Asian populations, applying the Y-SNP panel will help predict the ethnics among the Northeast Asian countries.


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Peoples: Asians, Chinese, Dai, Han, Japanese, Pakistani, and Vietnamese | Places: Asia | Topics: Y-chromosome | DNA Type: Y-DNA and Y-SNP

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