//Uniparental ancestry markers in Chilean populations

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Uniparental ancestry markers in Chilean populations

Uniparental ancestry markers in Chilean populations


The presence of Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans has led to the development of a multi-ethnic, admixed population in Chile. This study aimed to contribute to the characterization of the uniparental genetic structure of three Chilean regions. Newborns from seven hospitals in Independencia, Providencia, Santiago, Curicó, Cauquenes, Valdívia, and Puerto Montt communes, belonging to the Chilean regions of Santiago, Maule, and Los Lagos, were studied. The presence of Native American mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups and two markers present in the non-recombinant region of the Y chromosome, DYS199 and DYS287, indicative of Native American and African ancestry, respectively, was determined. A high Native American matrilineal contribution and a low Native American and African patrilineal contributions were found in all three studied regions. As previously found in Chilean admixed populations, the Native American matrilineal contribution was lower in Santiago than in the other studied regions. However, there was an unexpectedly higher contribution of Native American ancestry in one of the studied communes in Santiago, probably due to the high rate of immigration from other regions of the country. The population genetic sub-structure we detected in Santiago using few uniparental markers requires further confirmation, owing to possible stratification for autosomal and X-chromosome markers.


  • Vieira-Machado, C.D., Tostes, M., Alves, G., Nazer, J., Martinez, L., Wettig, E., Pizarro Rivadeneira, O., Diaz Caamaño, M., Larenas Ascui, J., Pavez, P. and Dutra, M.D.G. (2016). Uniparental ancestry markers in Chilean populations. Genetics and Molecular Biology, in press, in press.

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Peoples: Chilean | Places: Cauquenes, Curicó, Independencia, Providencia, Puerto Montt communes, Santiago, and Valdívia | Topics: | DNA Type: mtDNA and Y-DNA

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