The Tatar Descendants of the Golden Horde Mokhshi Ulus Population

The Tatar Descendants of the Golden Horde Mokhshi Ulus Population


This Article is dedicated to the origin of Tatar Mirzas referring to such lineages as the Akchurins, Kashaevs, Kudashevs, Muratovs, Engalychevs, Enikeevs, Isheevs, Sedekhmetevs, Dashkins, Diveevs, Mansyrevs, Syundyukovs, Efaevs, etc. This Tatar Group origin concept is backed up by historical sources, genealogical notes and genetic results. Mokhshi settlement is known to appear in the early 14th century; the first coins minted there refer to 1313. The ruins of the Golden Horde Mokhshi settlement are currently located near the present-day Narovchat village in Penza Region [15, 106]. In Russian Annals this settlement was known under Naruchad’ name. According to V.L. Egorov, Mokhshi was an administrative centre of the ulus (territory, region)
where “the Mordvinian tribes habited”. To the west this ulus comprised
the Tsna, Moksha, and Vad river basins; to the east, it was limited by the
left bank of the Sura river, as well as by the Alatyr’ and Pyana river basins.


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Peoples: Akchurins, Dashkins, Diveevs, Efaevs, Engalychevs, Enikeevs, Isheevs, Kashaevs, Kudashevs, Mansyrevs, Muratovs, Sedekhmetevs, Syundyukovs, and Tatar Mirzas | Places: Penza Region | Topics: | DNA Type: Y-DNA

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