Reply to Cordaux and Stoneking

Reply to Cordaux and Stoneking


Cordaux and Stoneking (2003 [in this issue]) have argued that although there is evidence of anatomically modern humans (AMH) reaching Australia ?60,000 years ago (see also Bowler et al., 2003), there is no convincing genetic evidence that these early migrants passed through South Asia. They see this as obviating the need for a “southern migration” route for AMH out of Africa. They suggest that the ancestors of all known non-African mtDNA lineages (haplogroups M and N) entered Eurasia via the Levant ?45,000 years ago, prior to differentiating and dispersing to all land areas outside of Africa. Cordaux and Stoneking also seek to use estimated dates for the colonization of the Andaman Islands to lend support to their position.


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