On the Y-chromosome haplogroup C3c classification

On the Y-chromosome haplogroup C3c classification


As there are ambiguities in classification of the Y-chromosome haplogroup C3c, relatively frequent in populations of Northern Asia, we analyzed all three haplogroup-defining markers M48, M77 and M86 in C3-M217-individuals from Siberia, Eastern Asia and Eastern Europe. We have found that haplogroup C3c is characterized by the derived state at M48, whereas mutations at both M77 and M86 define subhaplogroup C3c1. The branch defined by M48 alone would belong to subhaplogroup C3c*, characteristic for some populations of Central and Eastern Siberia, such as Koryaks, Evens, Evenks and Yukaghirs. Subhaplogroup C3c* individuals could be considered as remnants of the Neolithic population of Siberia, based on the age of C3c*-short tandem repeat variation amounting to 4.5±2.4 thousand years.


  • Malyarchuk, Boris A.; Derenko, Miroslava & Denisova, Galina (2012). On the Y-chromosome haplogroup C3c classification. Journal Human Genetics, 57(10), 685-686.

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