Rockstar Genealogist Nominations are Open

It is time again to blast off with the annual ‘Rockstar’ genealogist competition on the Canada’s Anglo-Celtic blog. Nominations are fortunately open still, so we have time to look at genetic genealogists who should be listed and are not. Please join me in asking John Reid to add a few more of these awesome rockers of DNA and genealogy!

Leah LaPerle Larkin
Ginger Smith
Kitty Munson Cooper
Kathy Johnston
Lara Diamond
Patti Hobbs
Jennifer Armstrong Zinck
Richard Hill
Angie Bush
Sue Griffith
Debra Smith Renard
Pamela Guye Holland
Kelly Wheaton
Laurie Sleeper
Dave Dowell
Debbie Parker Wayne
Deena Coutant
Karen Stanbary
Bethany Waterbury
Diahan Southard
Shannon Combs Bennett
Michael D Lacopo

To get people nominated, send John a message with their name and a reason why they should be included,

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