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Project Purpose

The Q-M242 haplogroup project exists:

  • For the benefit of all project members.
  • To help members understand their results.
  • To advance research.

It is not for commercial or personal gain by the Project Leadership Team or others.

  • Membership in the project is FREE –though the DNA tests are not.
  • We do not charge for our interpretation.

The project is an open project. Research findings are published through the ISOGG Y-Tree, ISOGG YBrowse, open journals, and public blog spaces.

Project Membership

The project is open to all Family Tree DNA clients who meet one of these qualifications:

  • Have tested positive for M242 or one of its subclades at Family Tree DNA or be predicted positive through their system.
  • Have tested positive for M242 or one of its subclades at another lab and send a copy of their results certificate to project administration.
  • Have a positive Y-DNA match who shares a paper trail ancestor in under eleven generations.

If this describes your kit or a kit that you have proxy rights for, you may join by following this link and filling in your kit number and password. You do not need to order a new kit. By joining the Q-M242 Haplogroup Project, you agree to this Code of Conduct and the Privacy Policy within it. If you do not agree, your recourse is to leave the project.

Project Leadership Team

The Y-DNA Q-M242 Project is run by a team of administrators, co-administrators, and advisers.


Project Guests & Results Access

The project leadership team spends considerable private funds for research. It would be wrong for others to have access to these results without the willingness to give to research either through funding of sample collection, through funding of sample testing, or by being a proband (a Y-DNA Q male).

  • Anyone with Y-DNA Q results from FTDNA may join and see applicable results on FTDNA's auto generated pages.
  • Those who tested outside FTDNA results may join with ‘Transfer' accounts.
  • Exclusion from bulk e-mails announcing project updates should happen only at the project member's choice.

The team welcomes collaboration with reputable researchers in academia and citizen science. We consider feedback and openness to criticism integral parts of citizen science. We have the right to deny cooperation to people whose work and public activity seem to us questionable. This is purely our choice. Those interested in guest access to anonymous project Y-DNA SNP and STR results should write to the project administrators. Should we grant access, we require:

  • Project members' privacy must be maintained.
  • Racism and xenophobia will not be tolerated.
  • The project access does not permit for profit use.
  • Do not use it for paid interpretation services.
  • Do not use it to recruit clients.
  • Clear use and attribution in publication.
  • In publications and blog posts the project must be cited as a source.
  • The researcher will make it clear that they are a guest to the project.
  • Project results must never be used for medical or forensic research.

Project Privacy Policy

In addition to the Family Tree DNA Administrator's Guidelines, the project shall:

  • Get Informed Consent from project members before allowing their results to be used outside of the project.
  • Inform all project members of policy changes.

Project Communications

The project has three main communication methods. The project periodically publishes newsletters through the https://haplogroup.org website. The sending e-mail for the newsletters is news@haplogroup.org. We also have two forums. The first is our private forum on the Family Tree DNA website. The second is our private Facebook group. The following information is most often used to share information about project members in newsletters and within the project: kit number, surname, country of origin, ethnic notes. 

The project leadership team believes that positive communication is part of building a strong project. Positive communication is expected from all members of the team and all project members.

Project Results Display

Project results are displayed on the project's webpage to project members, the project leadership team, and our approved guests (see above).

This is an example of Y-DNA STR Results.

Y-STR Results Example

Y-STR Results Example (not real names)

Information includes the kit number, the surname (Name), the ancestor information, the haplogroup, and Y-STR results.

This is an example of Y-DNA SNP Results.

Y-SNP Results Example

Y-SNP Results Example (not real names)

Information includes the kit number, the surname (Last Name), the ancestor information, the haplogroup, and Y-SNP results.

This is an example of the Results Map.

Map Results Example (not real names)

Map Results Example (not real names)

Information includes the kit number, the surname (Last Name), the ancestor information, and the haplogroup.

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