Q-M242 Weekly Update – 22 Oct 2018

All, than you for reading. This week I want to show you some trees Kate Reed has been creating for the project.

They are done with all project Big Y results. Then, I will talk about the new FTDNA Public Y-Haplotree, and what I think it means to the project.


First is the Q-L938 group. Below are are the trees and her notes. Second is a tree for Jewish Q branches. I will talk about that in the Jewish Q newsletter. Based on her advice, I am updating project subgroupings this week. Many thanks, and Happy Birthday, Kate.

Q-L938 Tree

L938 Tree
L938 Tree

Q-BZ1463 Tree

BZ1463 Tree
BZ1463 Tree

Q-BZ50001 {Q-L932 Group 1.1 – Black}
I don’t think there is anything in the STRs to distinguish this subgroup, and given it is only defined by a single SNP I could see some of the Blacks being BZ50001-. However, along with kit 49663 there does seem to be a clear BY15837 subgroup defined by a few STR values. This should include the existing BZ50001 subgroup and 49663, 21648, 520369, 427700, 512159.

Q-L937 {Q-L932 Group 1.1}
Generally fine. It does contain another obvious sub-group with the following kits: 81891, 193799, 226418, 350791, 494456, IN14930. Most are Dutch, and all share some distinctive STR values. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be slightly older, with these kits only having some of the L937 equivalent SNPs. But none have done BigY to check. I would remove kit N80994 as I don’t think that there is enough info to place it here. I haven’t got a home for it at the moment.

Q-L937 {Q-L932 Group 1.2}
To be honest I am very unsure that this is L937+. I am comfortable saying it is BZ1463+ but I’m pretty sure it’s an older branch. I would remove kit N86826 from this group as it’s not a match. And again I can’t see where it should be. I would also remove N73100 from this cluster as while it is BZ1463+ there doesn’t seem to be anything to relate it to this particular group. This makes a possible 4 way split under BZ1463: L937, 1.2, 1.3 and kit N73100.

Q-BZ1462 {Q-L932 Group 1.3}
I would remove N14841 and place him in the new BZ4642 branch below. It needs to have ‘L940’ changed to ‘F835/L940’ to be consistent and to get it to appear on the same results page as the other groups.

Unnamed group (BZ4642)
Seems to be a recently formed group, so needs to be created. As well as the two BigYs (509037, 711520) it should also have N14841 from 1.3.

Q-BZ1458 {Q-L932 group 5}
This can now be named as BY61803. Otherwise fine.

Q-L936 (Q-L932 Group 3)

Groups Q-M323, Q-BZ4510, Q-BZ4510 {Q-L932 group 4}
All need ‘L940’ changed to ‘F835/L940’. My feeling here is that it doesn’t need 3 groups. I would definitely combine BZ4510 with group 4. There probably is a more recent cluster there but I don’t know what it is adding to the discussion at the moment. M323 can probably remain its own branch but again, it might not add value to the discussion until other M323 kits are found.

Q-BZ4800 {Q-L932 group 2.1}
Should remove 225484, there is nothing to relate it to this branch over group 2.2. There may well be a 3-way split under BZ4800: 2.1, 2.2 and kit 225484. Should also remove 152470. I doubt its BZ4800. I can’t place it at all.

Q-BZ4800 {Q-L932 group 2.2}

All good. Might want a ‘group x’ name to highlight the relationship of the Scaglione family.

Fine. There might be a more recent relationship between M10555 and 207971, but probably not worth making a group over.

Needs ‘L940’ changed to ‘F835/L940’.

The FTDNA Public Y-Haplotree

FamilyTreeDNA has launched a new public Y-DNA tree. You can find the Q-M242 branch here.

This is something that we have much needed. It alongside Kate’s work with generating dates from Big Y data in my opinion eliminates YFull as an essential tool for working with Big Y results. Mind you, I have nothing against YFull. They do a nice job. However, I find that I do not need them and the project does not need them to work with Q results. For this I am most thankful, for they required additional funds that are better spent on testing more people.

Rebekah A. Canada
Volunteer Administrator, FamilyTreeDNA
Author, Haplogroup

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