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Q-M242 Weekly Update – 10 Aug 2018


This week I will finally get to cover a little bit of Native Americas information.

First, a project member asked questions about the project’s last paper. They wanted to know what the paper accomplished. Here is my reply.

What this paper accomplishes is getting it out there for that Q-Z780 is a Native American lineage and it has important members like the Anzick boy. We in genetic genealogy have known this, but more scholarly awareness is needed. That way, more papers test samples from North and South America for the branches under Q-Z780 including yours. It is a very slow process I know.

When the Anzick boy’s Y-DNA was first published, he was described as ancestral to Q-M3. That means he was thought to come from the parent of Q-M3. What we discovered as genetic genealogists was that he actually belongs to the Q-Z780 branch. Most other ancient DNA samples from the Americas with Y-DNA results are Q-M3. This makes awareness of the Anzick boy’s Q-Z780 membership. The link between Q-Z780 and Clovis Culture is important.

Second is another important Big Y for the project. This one is a Maidu of California. The project funded his Big Y in late April. His Big Y results show that he is Q-M902*. He has 90 new variants (mutations). Q-M902 is one of the two branches from Q-M3. The star in Q-M902* means that this sample does not belong to one of the many branches under Q-M902. That is because it is so different from them. The sample is also interesting, because it does not have Y-STR matches at any level. That hints that native lines split very early from others in California.

Next week, I will write some more about Q-M902* samples in the project.

Best Regards,
Rebekah A. Canada
Volunteer Project Administrator

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