Q-M242 Tree Updates at FamilyTreeDNA and ISOGG

Both FamilyTreeDNA and ISOGG (The International Society of Genetic Genealogy) have recently updated their trees for Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-M242. While some minor changes may be needed, this is a massive improvement. The project would like to thank Ray Banks and Katherine Borges of ISOGG and Michael Sager of FamilyTreeDNA for their efforts.

If you have not looked at your Y-DNA Haplogroup results recently, please take a moment to sign in at FamilyTreeDNA to check them. If you have questions, please contact a member of the Q-M242 Team.

4 thoughts on “Q-M242 Tree Updates at FamilyTreeDNA and ISOGG”

  1. Stacey Robert Greenstein

    So that we don’t have to find a previous version of the tree to compare to find out, is there are description of what the changes are?

  2. The Haplogroup news dated 24 Mar 17 tells me I’m now Q-FGC10664? My FTDNA has most recently changed my designation to Q-YP910. Am I still believed to be of Native American origin?

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