Q-M242 Project Updates – 14 November 2017

We have reached November, and there is much news from the project. This will be the first post of many over the next six weeks. The project currently has:

Members: 1682
Y-DNA12: 1540
Y-DNA25: 1224
Y-DNA37: 1179
Y-DNA67: 727
Y-DNA111: 247
Big Y: 246

General Fund

There is presently $1,747.47 in the project general fund. However, much of this has been set aside for testing of academic samples. I will describe those shortly.

FamilyTreeDNA End of Year Holiday Sale 2017

FamilyTreeDNA has launched their Holiday 2017 sale. New test orders and upgrades are on sale. See the FTDNA website for details.

Subclade Descriptions

I have updated the description for Q-M242 and have added eleven new descriptions. New entries are: Q-L527, Q-BZ1458, Q-BZ3920, Q-BZ50007, Q-BZ50006, Q-BZ48, Q-Y12449, Q-BZ52, Q-BY15842Q-BZ4800, and Q-YP5097.

Thank you for being part of the project,
Rebekah A. Canada and the Q-M242 team

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