Q-M242 Project News (22 Dec 2016)

The big news for the project today is that we have successfully funded three BIG Ys for the project. These include a Mahican Q-M3, a New Mexico Jewish Heritage Q-L275, and an Italian Q-L245. We are now working to fund testing of an Asian Q-M120 project member.

Project Statistics

Big Y 160
WTY 25
Total Members 1733

Check Your Haplogroup

We would like to enthusiastically welcome all of the new members into the Q-M242 project. This last month FTDNA helped invite many new people to the project. By random mischance, the invite email was also sent to some I2a (I-P37.2) men. These men really need to join the I2a Y-Haplogroup project. Here is how to check your haplogroup.
1) Login to your myFTDNA account.
2) Look at the top right for your Y-DNA Haplogroup information.

3) If your haplogroup starts with the letter I, you likely belong in the I2a project.
4) If your haplogroup starts with the letter Q, you belong here in the Q-M242 project.
5) If your haplogroup starts with any other letter, please send me a message, and I will help you find the right project.

Mahican BIG Y Testing

I am absolutely thrilled to say that the project has funded BIG Y testing of a Van Gilder male who comes from the Mahican people of North America. We were able to use a $75 BIG Y coupon, so the cost to the project was $450 US. Thank you to all who donated!

New Mexico Jewish Heritage BIG Y Testing

I was contacted last month by Miguel Torrez of the New Mexico Genealogical Society Project about a man with a tradition of Jewish ancestry. After looking at his results, it was clear that his Y-DNA Q results were Jewish Heritage and not Native Heritage. However, he did not fit well with any of the known branches under Q-L245, so I recommended the BIG Y test and not the Q-L245 SNP Pack. Through funding from both projects and a generous sponsor, we were able order his BIG Y. The cost to the project was $100.

Italian BIG Y Testing

One of our project members who had previously Q-L245 SNP Pack tested proved to be enough of an outlier to merit additional testing. The project funded his BIG Y, and the cost to the project was $450.

Q-M120 BIG Y Testing

Q-M120 is one of the Eastern Asian branches of haplogroup Q. Even there though, it is a low frequency branch. Thus, its branches have not been deeply studied. The project has the opportunity to fund BIG Y testing on one of our three Q-M120 project members during the current sale. So far, $150 is pledged toward testing.

Q-Y2200 Subclade update

In the project, here are now 13 Q-Y2200 men who have BIG Y tested and another 59 who have Q-L245 SNP Pack tested. Together, results from these two types of Y-DNA tests have expanded the Q-Y2200 tree. They have also helped to illustrate the need for definitive Y-SNP testing where there is not a long history of paternally inherited surnames. I have written more here.

General Fund

As of this morning, the project has $1,240.85 in the general fund. Since my last update, we have used project funds for the following items: a BIG Y on kit 305504, a BIG Y on kit 424827, and a BIG Y on kit N44498.

We have received the the following donations.
$1,146.85 Haplogroup Website
$190 R.A. Canada
$100 A. Biondo
$100 A. Mazzaro
$75 R. Brooks
$50 A. O’Leary
$50 N. Alsallami
$30.00 Anonymous
$25 C. Andrews
$10 J. McGrew

Thank you!

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,
Rebekah and the Q-M242 team

FTDNA Holiday sale

FamilyTreeDNA’s Holiday sale ends at midnight on December 31st. If you plan to order the BIG Y for one of your kits, please check with me for help finding a $75 off coupon.

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