////Q-M242 News (8 Sept. 2016)

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Q-M242 News (8 Sept. 2016)

Today I have to do my least favorite thing as a DNA Project Administrator. I have to ask for contributions to the project's general fund.

Why? The Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-M242 project needs to raise funds to support project sponsored testing this fall. While membership in the project is free to all who are Q-M242 or one of its subclades, the extensive testing of academic samples and sponsoring tests for those who cannot afford them requires donations from generous people like you.

Fall Testing Projects

How do we plan to spend funds? We have several testing projects. They include:

  • Testing the new Q-L275 SNP Pack.
  • Designing and testing the new Q-MEH2 SNP Pack once it is approved.
  • Designing and testing the new Q-M3 SNP Pack once it is approved.
  • BIG Y testing more Q-L940 men.
  • BIG Y testing more Q-M3 men.

Part of what we would like to do with SNP Pack testing is bring people who tested with Geno 2.0 or GenoPlus and have known ethnic origins outside of the United States into the project. This would help us define geographic origins for Native groups in Central and South America.

How to Donate

  1. Go to the Family Tree DNA Donation page.
  2. Select Q from the first menu.
  3. Select Q-M242 Y-DNA from the second menu.
  4. Enter the Donation Amount and select the Donation Type.
  5. Enter the Donor Name.
  6. Enter a Note to indicate how you would like funds to be spent.
  7. Click the yellow PayPal button.
  8. Follow instructions on the PayPal page to complete the donation.
  9. Send me a message with additional instructions on how you would like funds spent if needed.

Thank you,
Rebekah A. Canada

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