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Q-M242 News (13 Oct. 2016)

There is much to cover in this update. It includes a look at building trees and recurrent SNPs, updates on our SNP Packs, new academic samples being evaluated by YFull thanks to Vladimir, and two new BIG Y tests in the project.

As of this evening, the project has:
Y-DNA12 1207
Y-DNA25 940
Y-DNA37 900
Y-DNA67 555
Y-DNA111 166
Big Y 147

The team is working to bring the different versions of the Y-DNA Q tree into agreement. As part of that, we are clearing away unreliable branches of the tree and ensuring that new BIG Y branches are included at YFull.

Pruning the Q Tree

This summer, Alessandro and I reviewed branches on the Family Tree DNA version of the Y-Tree (their Y-Haplotree). We sent in recommendations for branches to be removed. This cleared away many branches that should not be there and made the tree more consistent with the ISOGG and YFull trees.



In the Genographic Database, there are five people with this SNP.

N-F1998 4
Q-CTS1350 1

At YFull, it is a singleton in N-F1998.

In the Genographic Database, there are twenty-three people with this SNP:
E-PF6747 1
G-Z726 1
J-YSC0000246 1
O-F1150 1
O-F3057 1
O-F742 15
Q-CTS1754 2
R-L295 1

At YFull, it is found in O-CTS1754.


In the Genographic Database, there are 100 people with this SNP.

E-CTS11248 32
E-CTS5607 1
E-CTS736 5
E-CTS9548 19
E-L262 5
E-L632 11
E-L636 3
E-L94 20
E-M132 1
E-PF3664 1
Q-CTS3459 2

At YFull, it is found in E-M132.


In the Genographic Database, there are 199 people with this SNP.

T-CTS9882 10
T-Z710 19
T-CTS6507 83
T-CTS2860 29
T-CTS6280 43
T-CTS6901 4
T-P77 7

At YFull, it is found in T-Y4983.


In the Genographic Database, there are two people with this SNP.

O-F2887 1
O-PF3188 1

It has not been seen at YFull.


In the Genographic Database, there are sixteen people with this SNP.

Q-F1680 1
R-CTS2501 13
R-L21 1
R-Z195 1

At YFull, it if found in R-CTS2501.


In the Genographic Database, there are two people with this SNP.

Q-F2393 1
O-F1276 1

At YFull, it is found in R-L2.


In the Genographic Database, there are 935 people with this SNP.

E-M263 1
I-F3145 916
I-L621 13
I-P61 1
I-V19 1
N-F1228 1
Q-F3145 1
R-CTS1202 1

At YFull, it is found in I-L621.


In the Genographic Database, there are twenty people with this SNP.

C-F1918 1
C-F966 10
E-CTS10132 3
I-Z190 1
O-CTS10738 1
O-F819 1
Q-P37 1
R-L260 1
R-Z2 1

At YFull, it is found in C-F1918.


In the Genographic Database, there are 116 people with this SNP.

C-M8 1
E-M180 1
G-CTS4803 1
I-CTS6433 1
I-F3145 1
I-PF4088 2
J-PF5116 5
L-CTS12086 1
L-F3987 2
L-M27 81
O-CTS4658 1
Q-M481 9
Q-P329 2
R-CTS11962 1
R-CTS606 1
R-CTS7822 1
R-L21 1
R-P310 1
R-P329 2
R-Z14 1

At YFull, it is found in J-PF5116 and L-M27.


In the Genographic Database, there are twenty-six people with this SNP.

A-PF340 16
A-PF76 3
E-PF1254 1
I-Z59 1
J-CTS2906 4
Q-PF1254 1

At YFull, it is found in A-M32.


In the Genographic Database, there are three people with this SNP.

Q-PF4121 2
O-CTS8228 1
O-F427 1

At YFull, it is found in I-PF4104.


In the Genographic Database, there are 176 people with this SNP.

I-L41 10
I-P215 146
I-P37 6
I-PF3881 1
I-PF3972 4
I-PF3978 1
I-Z138 4
Q-PF6915 2

At YFull, it is found in I-S6635.


In the Genographic Database, there are 818 people with this SNP.

J-CTS11748 1
J-CTS3601 13
J-F1900 7
J-F3133 71
J-F761 39
J-F801 22
J-L222 1
J-L243 37
J-L295 1
J-L397 11
J-L534 1
J-L589 1
J-L590 2
J-L70 168
J-M318 4
J-PF3927 1
J-PF5366 85
J-PF5456 235
J-PF7434 2
J-Z387 115
Q-Z426 1

At YFull, it is found in J-L24.

YFull Analysis

The project has been working on getting additional YFull analysis for all BIG Y tested members. Here are the reasons we need YFull analysis.

  • It puts the sample on the YFull NexGen based tree.
  • It improves the number and quality of the branch dates on the tree.
    • We have to have two at least two samples on a branch to get a date.
  • It gives us both positive and negative SNP information for each tested position.
    • FTDNA only gives us positive information for many BIG Y SNPs.
  • It provides independent analysis of the quality of each SNP call.

Q SNP Packs

The team continues to work on SNP Packs for low cost SNP testing.

Q-L275 SNP Pack

Unfortunately, Family Tree DNA has a backlog of requests for new and updated SNP Packs. Thus, they did not have the Q-L275 SNP Pack ready for us to review on the 1st. We are checking with them for an update on the status of the SNPs we requested and a revised time-line for its release. I will let everyone know the answers.

Q-MEH2 (not M3) SNP Pack

Alessandro has prepared an initial list of SNPs to include on the Q-MEH2 (xM3) SNP pack. Choices were not easy as SNP Packs have a maximum of 160 SNP markers. However, submitting the list to FTDNA for review is on hold until YFull completes analysis of the new academic samples from the Simons Genome Diversity Project.

Q-M3 SNP Pack

Like the Q-MEH2 (xM3) SNP Pack, the one for Q-M3 is on hold while YFull completes analysis of new samples and updates the tree.

Academic Collaboration

The Simons Genome Diversity Project (SGDP) recently tested 300 samples from world populations. Vladimir has helped get many of the Y-DNA Q samples from this testing into YFull. Thus, they may help expand our knowledge of the Y-Tree and be compared to project members with BIG Y results. The populations included are as follows.


Shah Mosque – Wikipedia


The Iranian people are Central Asian. From their origin in southern Central Asia, they have expanded several times and have incorporated many other groups into their population. The Iranian sample from the SGDP is from the modern country of Iran.

The YFull sample ID is ERR1025632. Its initial placement is Q-BZ310.


Andean Man – Wikipedia


The Chané people are a Native South American group. They come from the Arawak who migrated from Guyana around 2,500 years ago. The Chané live in the Andes in Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay.

The Chané sample from the SGDP has the ID ERR1395547 at YFull. It has been initially placed on the Q-M848 branch.

KaritianaThe Karitiana people are a Native South American group from Brazil. They live in the Amazon. Their language is part of the Arikém language family.

There are two samples. ERR1395599 has been initially placed as Q-M925. ERR1025635 has been initially places as Q-M848. There is already one Karitiana sample at YFull, ID HGDP00998.

Mixtec mask - Wikipedia

Mixtec mask – Wikipedia


The Mixtec people are from the La Mixteca region in Mexico. They are the descendants of one of the main pre-Columbian civilizations in Mexico. They were at times associated with the Aztec empire.

The Mixtec sample's ID at YFull is ERR1347738. It has initially been assigned to Q-M848.

Pima Indian man - Flickr

Pima Indian man – Flickr


The Pima or Akimel O'odham people are a Native North American people who live in what is now southern Arizona. They speak O'odham language which is part of the Uto-Aztecan language family.

The sample has YFull ID ERR1025603. Its initial placement on the tree is Q-Z770.

Peru - Flickr

Peru – Flickr


The Quechua people are a Native South American group. They speak dialects of the Quechua language family and live in modern Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The sample at YFull has ID ERR1395589. Its initial tree placement is Q-Z5910*.

Zapotec funerary - Wikipedia

Zapotec funerary – Wikipedia


The Zapotecs peoples are a Native Americas group. Most live in the southern state of Oaxaca in Mexico.

There are two samples from the Zapotecs being processed. Their IDs at YFull are ERR1347686 and ERR1395622. The initial placement of both is Q-CTS2731.

Thank you to the peoples of the world who gave samples to help further human understanding. Thank you too, Vladimir for helping get these samples into YFull. Where possible, we will seek samples to add to Family Tree DNA, but that is often much more challenging than the right to use non-identifying test results.

Upcoming Conferences

The following conferences are right around the corner.

October 22-23: 2016 Institute for Genetic Genealogy Conference, San Diego, CA.

The Institute for Genetic Genealogy and DNA Detectives are doing a two day conference in San Diego, California. Family Tree DNA will have a booth for kit sales. For more information and to register, visit http://i4gg.org/.

October 28-30: Texas State Genealogical Society 2016 Family History Conference, Dallas, TX.

There is a wonderful lineup of speakers this year! http://www.txsgs.org/conference/.

Y-DNA Q Project Funded Testing


The project spent $500 US in the past month. The current Group Fund balance is $464.

Q-M323 Yemeni Jew

Yemeni Jew - Wikipedia

Yemeni Jew – Wikipedia

This month we received confirmation of our first positive Q-M323 project participant. He, like those tested in published scientific papers, is a Yemeni Jew. The history of Jews in Yemen dates back to at least 463 BC.

With his results confirmed by positive M323 result, we knew that we needed to BIG Y test him in order to update the Y-DNA tree to properly include this branch. Thanks to FTDNA and a contribution from the participant his BIG Y is processing. The cost to the project was $325 US.

Q-L940 St Thomas Christian

Syrian Church of Saint Thomas Christians - Wikipedia

Syrian Church of Saint Thomas Christians – Wikipedia

While looking at the Q-M323 project member's results, I noticed that one of his closer matches comes from India. It turns out that he is a St Thomas Christian. St Thomas Christians are also called Syrian Christians. They come from a population that settled in Kerala, India in 52 AD.

They have two traditions of origin. The first, is that they come from Brahmin Gramams who were converted by one of the 12 apostles, St. Thomas. The second is that they were converted by a Jewish man named Thoma who lived in India.

Although he is a distant match and is M323-, I thought the possible connection interesting enough to merit investigation. The project has also helped fund his BIG Y. The cost to the project was $175 US.

Many Thanks!

I would like to take this moment to thank all past contributors to the Q-M242 Project.

Donor Sum of Amount
R.A. Canada $11,148.26
A. Biondo $4,676.53
V. Gurianov $3,255.00
S.J. Dimond $1,649.88
T. Fichtner $1,428.00
A.H. Khan $1,168.00
O. Olimshoev $650.00
K. Singh $450.00
A. Avksentyev $399.00
G. Kinas $375.00
Mr. Yilmaz $375.00
J. Norstedt-Moberg $325.00
R. Garcia-Hooper $320.00
H. Engers $305.00
Z. Kralbiy $302.00
C. Davis $300.00
J. Jolly $250.00
M.W. Rose $250.00
Mr. Dhruve $250.00
A. Almansouri $240.00
S. Grayson $240.00
Saudia Arabia DNA Project $240.00
M. Kellam $235.50
PiquaShawnee Project $218.00
B.J. Marlow $200.00
J. O'Grady $200.00
M.L. Jaron $200.00
T. Catania $200.00
J. Marks $199.00
M.R. Hughes $175.00
A. O'Leary $174.00
J. King $170.00
Mr. Niezgoda $160.00
K. Johnston $150.00
L. Mayka $145.00
J. Simon $124.00
D.I. Rafkarovich $120.00
R. Brooks $120.00
B. Vick $100.00
D.L. Schweiter $100.00
G. Krakaukas $100.00
J. Joseph $100.00
J. Maran $100.00
M. Pryor $100.00
Mr. Mack $100.00
R.K. Selfridge $100.00
S. Gal $100.00
S.G. Mcdaniel $100.00
W.J. Sizemore $100.00
A. Frank $99.00
A. Greene $99.00
D. Pelter $99.00
D. Schweizer $99.00
D.S. Howard $99.00
E. Haber $99.00
E. Rofheart $99.00
E. Zyroff $99.00
F. Miliacca $99.00
F.E. Block $99.00
H. Levitt $99.00
J. Brockett $99.00
J. Hirshorn $99.00
J. Silverman $99.00
M. Marcus $99.00
M. Perl $99.00
M. Posner $99.00
M. Tarkoff $99.00
P. Nemer $99.00
S. Berkson $99.00
G. Pisano $95.00
B. Watson $94.50
V. Okhotin $90.00
D. Lusk $84.00
A. Ziegelman $74.00
J.L. Vick $72.00
S. Pearson $72.00
M. Palmer $64.00
J. Crain $60.00
Q-L172 Project Admin $60.00
J. Mohr $59.00
L. Foretich $59.00
P.V. Ivanovich $59.00
A. Quintana $55.80
A. Olsson $50.00
A.L. Copeland $50.00
A.O. $50.00
C. Andrews $50.00
C.O. Foulk $50.00
D. Friedman $50.00
D. Hill $50.00
D. Moreno $50.00
D.R. Vigil $50.00
E. Serros $50.00
J. Brooks $50.00
J.F. Lackey $50.00
M. Deutsch $50.00
M. Thomas $50.00
Mr. W.J. Sizemore Sr. $50.00
Nawaf M. $50.00
P. & S. Gomez $50.00
P. Givargidze $50.00
P.L. Sizemore $50.00
R. Cardoza $50.00
R. Solovay $50.00
R.W. Rose $50.00
S. Parker $50.00
B. & L. Magellan < $ 50
A. Al-Bahar < $ 50
B. Steenberge < $ 50
D. Schmidt < $ 50
A. Cwiklak < $ 50
A.A. Ziegelman < $ 50
C. Tapp < $ 50
E.W. O'Dell < $ 50
J.L. Friedman < $ 50
J.M. Sena < $ 50
N.J. Probasco < $ 50
R.A. Flores < $ 50
S. Page < $ 50
V.T. Akins < $ 50
B. Zwick < $ 50
D. Litke < $ 50
P. Hrechdakian < $ 50
A. Bunch < $ 50
F. Johnson < $ 50
G. Felix < $ 50
G. Martin < $ 50
J. Bartlett < $ 50
J. Bouthillier < $ 50
J.A. Herbst < $ 50
L. Dishny < $ 50
N. Anderson < $ 50
R. Vick < $ 50
R.G. Eggleston < $ 50
Chechen project < $ 50
D. Rose < $ 50
F.L. Clark < $ 50
K.C. < $ 50
L. Strength < $ 50
Mr. Akhmadov < $ 50
Mr. Mairbek < $ 50
Mr. Said < $ 50
P. Smith < $ 50
R. Mark < $ 50
S. Johnson < $ 50
Col. T. Bradley < $ 50
S. Slava < $ 50
37 Anonymous Donors $2,375.76

I would also like to note that in 2014 Judy Russell and Roberta Estes both promoted donations to help fund the project's first round of BIG Y testing through their blogs. Your gracious help and kindness are appreciated.

The Paradoxical Commandments by Dr. Kent M. Keith

Finally, I leave you with the words of Dr. Keith.

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.

The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.

People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.

Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.

© Copyright 1968, 2016 Kent M. Keith.

Thank you for being a part of the project. It is a privilege to serve you.

Best regards,
Rebekah A. Canada and the Q-M242 team

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