Q-L940 Clusters (Groups)

Q-L940 is around 18,500 years old. As I mentioned in my last post, members of this branch who do not belong to the Northwestern European Q-L527 branch are geographically wide-spread. To date, they have only had limited BIG Y testing.

Group 1.1

Most members of this group are from Northwestern Europe with many from the British Isles. Surnames in the group include: Akin, Barry, Black, Brown, Chamberlain, Cyr, Demarest, Dickison, Gilbreath, Hol, Lowery, Manary, Morris, Oborne, Sharp, Steenberge, Strait, and Wilkin.

We have several people from this group BIG Y tested. We will understand those results better once we have more results from other groups.

Group 1.2

Members of this group are from Middle Eastern families. So far, nobody in the group has BIG Y tested. That makes this an important group to test.

Group 1.3

This group is broadly European. Surnames include: Szabados, Vetrovec, Wight, Woolman, and Wertenberger. One member has BIG Y tested.

Group 2.1

This group is primarily from Armenia. Surnames include: Avagyan, Ishkhanian, Meliksetyan, Parathottathil, and Pietrzkiewicz. Nobody in this group has BIG Y tested yet, and it is a priority group.

Group 2.2

This group is broadly European. Surnames include: Swint, Nickol, Gaeke, and Meyer. Nobody in the group has BIG Y tested yet.

Group 3

This small group is from Georgia in the Caucasus mountains. One person outside the project has BIG Y tested.

Group 4

This group has connections to Romani people from the Iberian peninsula. The project is sponsoring a BIG Y on kit 166847 in this group.

Group 5

Like Group 4, this small group has connections to the Iberian peninsula. No one in the group has BIG Y tested yet.

Group 6

This group has a wide geography that includes India, the Middle East, and Central Asia. No one in the group has BIG Y tested.

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