////Q-L932 Tree Update

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Q-L932 Tree Update

Amy Krakoski O'Leary & Michael Sager have updated the Q-L932 branches of the tree. One of the main branches under Q-L940, Q-L932 spans Europe and Asia.

Q-L932 Tree Update

The following completed BIG Y samples are from this part of the Q tree.


M4285 A……h Q-CTS4794 (Arab World)


207971 Jolly Elengical Q-F1893 (Syrian Christian, India)
234338 Scaglione Q-F1893 (Italy)


561519 Bagrationi Q-L936 (Georgia)


509037 Vetrovec Q-BZ1458 (Czech Republic)

Q-L937 {Q-L932 Group 1.1}

253338 Brown Q-L937 (Likely British Isles)
485503 Black Q-BY15837 (Likely British Isles)
49663 Gilbreath Q-BY15837 (Likely British Isles)

Note: There is a second male with the BLACK surname who now has a BIG Y pending. He may set the BLACK family on their own branch.


370011 Gal Q-M323 (Yemeni Jew)

Q-L932 has several BIG Ys pending, so we expect major discoveries in 8 to 10 weeks.

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