Q-L456: A Northeastern Amerindian Paternal Line

Q-L456 was one of the project’s gift-markers. It was discovered in the process of SNP testing someone for M346 and L213 using traditional Sanger sequencing. For a long time, the project lacked anyone willing to take part in additional testing. Then during the BIG Y pre-sale, a member of the Fox family joined the project and agreed to test. We now know that Q-L456 is a branch of Q-Z780.

  • Q-M346
    • Q-L53
      • Q-L54
        • Q-L330 (Eurasian)
        • Q-CTS3814
          • Q-CTS11969
          • Q-Z780 (Native American)
            • Q-L456
    • Q-L940

So far, the geography of Q-L456 is restricted to the eastern coastline of the United States.

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