////Q-Backbone SNP Panel – Launch and Special Pricing

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Q-Backbone SNP Panel – Launch and Special Pricing

Family Tree DNA will soon launch the Q-Backbone SNP Panel. The price is $39 US (temporally $34). To encourage testing, the Q-M242 project is offering the first 100 project members to order an additional discount. If you order through the project, your price is $29.

Don't order through the email that Family Tree DNA will send you!

Here is what you need to do to get the special price.

  1. Verify with someone on the team that the Q-Backbone Panel is right for you.
  2. Go to the Q-M242 Project Donation Page.
  3. Make sure the Q-M242 Y-DNA Project is selected.
    Q-Backbone SNP Panel - Launch and Special Pricing
  4. Put $29 US as the donation amount, and put the person being tested's kit number in the note filed.
    Q-Backbone SNP Panel - Launch and Special Pricing
  5. Complete the donation with PayPal.
  6. Send me a copy of your PayPal receipt.

We will put the first order in on Tuesday (16 May 2017).

NOTE: If you order directly through the Family Tree DNA website, we will not be able to correct the order for the discount.

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