Haplotype diversity in mitochondrial genome in a Chinese Han population

Previous studies have demonstrated that mtGenome sequencing data generated from Ion torrent personal genome machine (PGM) system were highly viable and reliable in forensic research. In this study, 145 whole mtGenomes from unrelated Chinese Han population were sequenced using the Ion PGM system. Results showed that 145 distinct haplotypes were obtained at a relatively high coverage with limited strand bias.

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LETTER: On the use of Chinese population as a proxy of Amerindian ancestors in genetic admixture studies with Latin American populations

We read the recent article of Magalhães da Silva et al1 reporting the correlation between biogeographic ancestries, estimated using 30 ancestry informative markers (AIMs), and self-reported skin color in two different Brazilian Northeastern populations (Fortaleza and Salvador, capitals of the states of Ceará and Bahia, respectively). The authors observed that African ancestry is more correlated in the sample from Salvador than in the one from Fortaleza and that the use of different African populations as proxies of the Brazilian’s African ancestors may influence the results....

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Haplogroup A14 is a branch on the maternal tree of humanity. Its age has not been determined, and, because it is found in a wide range of modern populations, its exact origin in Asia is unclear.

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