Sweden – A Place

Sweden is officially the Kingdom of Sweden. It is a country in Northern Europe.


  • Politics
    • Name: Sweden
    • Capital: Stockholm
    • 2 Letter Code: SE
    • 3 Letter Code: SWE
  • Land
    • Contenent: Europe
    • Region: Northern Europe
    • Total Land: 450,295 (173,860)
    • Land: 410,335 (158,431)
    • Water: 39,960 (15,430)
  • People
    • Population: 9,016,596
    • Birth Rate: 10.27 per 1,000
    • Death Rate: 10.31 per 1,000
    • Infant Mortality: 2.77 per 1,000
    • Literacy: 99.00%
  • Economy
    • Agriculture: 1.1%%
    • Industry: 28.2%%
    • Service: 70.7%%


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Modern Times

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Genographic ProjectGeno 2.0 Data

Data from Geno 2.0 is derived from the The National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project — the DAR. The Hg ID is specific to this site and is used to protect the identities of those who take part in Genographic research. Birth Country, Mother's Birth Country, and Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country have been normalized from DAR database fields. The Maternal Origin is determined based on the three previous fields.

Note: Geno 2.0 results currently use Phylotree build 16. I am working on changing results over to build 17.

Hg ID Hg Build 16 Birth Country Mother's Birth Country Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country
Hap10082136 U1a1a2 United States Sweden Unspecified
Hap10082495 U2e1'2'3 United States United States Sweden
Hap10082608 U2e1a1 Japan United States Sweden
Hap10082883 U2e1a1a Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10082884 U2e1a1a United States United States Sweden
Hap10082891 U2e1a1a Sweden Sweden Unspecified
Hap10083304 U2e2a1 Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10083305 U2e2a1 Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10083306 U2e2a1 Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10083307 U2e2a1 Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10083308 U2e2a1 United States United States Sweden
Hap10083710 U3a1 Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10084468 U4a United States United States Sweden
Hap10084543 U4a Sweden Sweden Unspecified
Hap10084777 U4a1 Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10084784 U4a1 Sweden Sweden Unspecified
Hap10085119 U4a1b United States United States Sweden
Hap10085260 U4a1c United States United States Sweden
Hap10085745 U4b1a3a United States United States Sweden
Hap10086194 U4c1a Sweden Sweden Sweden
Hap10086195 U4c1a United States United States Sweden
Hap10086258 U4c1a Sweden Sweden Unspecified
Hap10086287 U4c1a Sweden Unspecified Unspecified
Hap10086489 U4d1a United States United States Sweden
Hap10086490 U4d1a Sweden Sweden Unspecified
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