Jamaica – A Place

Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea. It has a long and interesting history.


The first people to live in Jamaica were the Taino Indians. They arrived on the island around 1000 BC and lived there for hundreds of years. The Taino had a complex society, with different classes and a system of government. They also developed their own culture, including art, music, and religion.

In 1494, Christopher Columbus arrived in Jamaica and claimed the island for Spain. The Spanish brought many enslaved people from Africa to Jamaica to work on plantations. They also introduced new plants and animals to the island, such as sugar cane, horses, and cows.

Jamaica was an important part of the Spanish Empire for many years. However, in 1655, the English invaded and took control of the island. Jamaica became a British colony and remained so for over 300 years.

During this time, Jamaica developed a system of enslavement and plantation agriculture. Many enslaved people from Africa were brought to Jamaica to work on the plantations, which produced crops such as sugar, coffee, and bananas. The enslaved people were treated very poorly and were not allowed to own property or vote.

In the late 1800s, there were several uprisings and protests against the system of enslavement in Jamaica. In 1838, enslavement was finally abolished and the enslaved people were granted their freedom. However, they still faced many challenges and struggles.

In the early 1900s, Jamaica began to move towards independence from Britain. In 1958, Jamaica became a part of the Federation of the West Indies, which was a group of Caribbean countries that were working towards independence. In 1962, Jamaica finally gained independence and became a sovereign nation.

Since independence, Jamaica has faced many challenges and struggles, but it has also made many achievements. Today, Jamaica is known for its rich culture, including music, art, and sports. It is also a popular tourist destination, with beautiful beaches and a warm, tropical climate.

Modern Times

Modern Jamaica has a rich and diverse culture that is influenced by many different sources, including Africa, Europe, and the indigenous Taino people.

One of the most important aspects of Jamaican culture is food. Jamaican food is known for being spicy and flavorful, and it is often made with a lot of fresh ingredients. Some popular Jamaican dishes include jerk chicken, curried goat, and ackee and saltfish. Jamaican food is often served with rice and peas, which is a dish made with rice and beans.

Another important aspect of Jamaican culture is music. Jamaica is the home of reggae music, which is a genre of music that originated in the 1960s. Reggae music is known for its catchy rhythms and positive messages, and it has become popular all over the world. Some famous Jamaican musicians include Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Jimmy Cliff.

Family is also an important part of Jamaican culture. In Jamaica, families are often large and extended, and people often have close relationships with their relatives. It is common for multiple generations to live together in the same household, and families often help each other out financially and with childcare.

Jamaican culture is also influenced by religion. Many Jamaicans are Christian, and there are also many people who practice Rastafarianism, which is a religion that originated in Jamaica. Rastafarians believe in the spiritual power of marijuana and the divinity of Haile Selassie, the former Emperor of Ethiopia.

Jamaican culture is also reflected in the arts. Jamaican art is often colorful and vibrant, and it often depicts the beauty of the island and its people. Jamaican literature is also an important part of the culture, and there are many talented writers from Jamaica who have gained international recognition.



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Genographic ProjectGeno 2.0 Data

Data from Geno 2.0 is derived from the The National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project — the DAR. The Hg ID is specific to this site and is used to protect the identities of those who take part in Genographic research. Birth Country, Mother's Birth Country, and Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country have been normalized from DAR database fields. The Maternal Origin is determined based on the three previous fields.

Note: Geno 2.0 results currently use Phylotree build 16. I am working on changing results over to build 17.

Hg ID Hg Build 16 Birth Country Mother's Birth Country Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country
Hap10066798 L1b1a15 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10066804 L1b1a15 Jamaica Unspecified Unspecified
Hap10066826 L1b1a18 United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10066848 L1b1a3 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10066849 L1b1a3 United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10066863 L1b1a3 Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10066932 L1b1a4a Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067169 L1c1d1 Costa Rica Costa Rica Jamaica
Hap10067185 L1c2a1 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067191 L1c2a1a Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067203 L1c2a2 United Kingdom United Kingdom Jamaica
Hap10067204 L1c2a2 United States Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10067227 L1c2b1a'b Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067267 L1c2b1c Canada Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067285 L1c3a Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067308 L1c3a1a Canada Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067320 L1c3a1b Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067391 L1c4b United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067406 L1c6 Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10067420 L2a1 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067690 L2a1c2a Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10067691 L2a1c2a United States Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10067738 L2a1c4a Unspecified United Kingdom Jamaica
Hap10067764 L2a1c4a1 Jamaica Unspecified Unspecified
Hap10067811 L2a1e United States Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10067826 L2a1e1 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067859 L2a1f United States Cuba Jamaica
Hap10067860 L2a1f Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067861 L2a1f Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10067898 L2a1f Jamaica Unspecified Unspecified
Hap10067950 L2a1f1 United States United States Jamaica
Hap10068028 L2a1i1 United Kingdom United Kingdom Jamaica
Hap10068059 L2a1l1 United Kingdom Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068062 L2a1l1a Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068135 L2a1m Jamaica Unspecified Unspecified
Hap10068204 L2b1a3 United Kingdom Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068251 L2b1a4 Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10068254 L2b1b Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068416 L2c2a1 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068417 L2c2a1 United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068510 L2e Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068549 L3b1a Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068550 L3b1a United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068551 L3b1a Jamaica United States Jamaica
Hap10068581 L3b1a Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10068730 L3b2 United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068741 L3b2a Unspecified Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10068842 L3d1a1b Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10069001 L3e1 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069008 L3e1 Canada Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10069098 L3e1e Canada Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069181 L3e2a1a Greenland Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10069272 L3e2b Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069359 L3e2b1 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069379 L3e2b1a2 United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069428 L3e2b8 United Kingdom Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069448 L3e3b Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069449 L3e3b United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069457 L3e3b Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified
Hap10069741 L3f1b4a Jamaica Unspecified Unspecified
Hap10069819 L4b1a Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10069843 L4b2b United States United States Jamaica
Hap10070317 M33a2a Canada Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10070914 M6a1a United States Jamaica Jamaica
Hap10080089 T2b6 Australia United Kingdom Jamaica
Hap10093577 U5b2b3 Jamaica Jamaica Unspecified

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