Croatia – A Place


  • Politics
    • Name: Croatia
    • Capital: Zagreb
    • 2 Letter Code: HR
    • 3 Letter Code: HRV
  • Land
    • Contenent: Europe
    • Region: Southern Europe
    • Total Land: 56,594 (21,851)
    • Land: 55,974 (21,612)
    • Water: 620 (240)
  • People
    • Population: 4,494,749
    • Birth Rate: 9.61 per 1,000
    • Death Rate: 11.48 per 1,000
    • Infant Mortality: 6.84 per 1,000
    • Literacy: 99.00%
  • Economy
    • Agriculture: 7%%
    • Industry: 30.8%%
    • Service: 62.2%%


Croatia is officially the Republic of Croatia. It is a country located in the south-east of Europe.


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Modern Times

The population of Croatia is approximately 4 million people.

Croatian (95.6%) is the official language of the country. Other languages include Serbian (1.2%), and the rest (3%) speak other languages including Hungarian, Slovak etc.

As for ethnic groups, 90.4% there are Croat and 4.4% are Serb. The remaining people are of Hungarian, Czech, Romani, Bosniak and Slovene descent.

Most citizens abide by the Roman Catholic faith (86.3%), with (4.4%) Orthodox, (1.5%) Muslim, some (1.5%) supporting other religions, a few of (3.8%) non-religious people, and the remainder supporting other religions.


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Genographic ProjectGeno 2.0 Data

Data from Geno 2.0 is derived from the The National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project — the DAR. The Hg ID is specific to this site and is used to protect the identities of those who take part in Genographic research. Birth Country, Mother's Birth Country, and Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country have been normalized from DAR database fields. The Maternal Origin is determined based on the three previous fields.

Note: Geno 2.0 results currently use Phylotree build 16. I am working on changing results over to build 17.

Hg ID Hg Build 16 Birth Country Mother's Birth Country Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country
Hap10093215 U5b2a5 United States United States Croatia
Hap10094028 U5b3 United States United States Croatia
Hap10095180 V Croatia Croatia Croatia
Hap10095181 V Austria Germany Croatia
Hap10096509 V13 Unspecified United States Croatia
Hap10096917 V1a1 Croatia Croatia Croatia
Hap10097313 V3 Serbia and Montenegro Croatia Croatia
Hap10097627 V6 Australia Croatia Croatia
Hap10097628 V6 Croatia Croatia Croatia
Hap10098078 W Croatia Croatia Croatia
Hap10099668 W5a2b Austria Croatia Croatia
Hap10099683 W6 United States United States Croatia
Hap10099929 X2 Croatia Croatia Croatia
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