Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde – A Place

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  • Politics
    • Name: Cape Verde
    • Capital: -
    • 2 Letter Code: CV
    • 3 Letter Code: CPV
  • Land
    • Contenent: Africa
    • Region: Western Africa
    • Total Land: 4,033 (1,557)
    • Land: 4,033 (1,557)
    • Water: 0 (0)
  • People
    • Population: 420,979
    • Birth Rate: 24.87 per 1,000
    • Death Rate: 6.55 per 1,000
    • Infant Mortality: 47.77 per 1,000
    • Literacy: -
  • Economy
    • Agriculture: 12.1%%
    • Industry: 21.9%%
    • Service: 66%%


Cabo Verde is an island nation off the coast of Northwest Africa. It is made up of volcanic islands. There are nine islands with people and one island that is unsuited for people. The climate is moderate but dry. The islands do not have natural rivers. When rain falls, it is in heavy downpours. Thus, farming is not possible on much of the islands’ dry volcanic soil.


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Modern Times

The current population of Cabo Verde a little more than half a million.

The ethnic groups of Cabo Verde are Creole or Mulatto (71%), African (28%), and Portuguese or other European (1%).

Most of the people are Roman Catholic (90%) in Cabo Verde. There are also groups of Protestant churches, Muslims, and Baha’i.

The official language of Cabo Verde is Portuguese and it’s used on the nine islands of Cape Verde. English, French, German, and Spanish which are widely spoken.


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