Barbados – A Place


  • Politics
    • Name: Barbados
    • Capital: Bridgetown
    • 2 Letter Code: BB
    • 3 Letter Code: BRB
  • Land
    • Contenent: The Americas
    • Region: Caribbean
    • Total Land: 430 (170)
    • Land: 431 (166)
    • Water: 0 (0)
  • People
    • Population: 279,912
    • Birth Rate: 12.71 per 1,000
    • Death Rate: 8.67 per 1,000
    • Infant Mortality: 12.5 per 1,000
    • Literacy: 100.00%
  • Economy
    • Agriculture: 6%%
    • Industry: 16%%
    • Service: 78%%


Barbados is an island nation in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Central America. It is a British independent commonwealth.


Barbados was initially inhabited by the Aruaque Indians (Amerindians) from Venezuela around 350-400 BCE. The Arawak people were the next wave of migrants followed by the Caribs.

The British arrived in 1625. They found the island uninhabited and declared it by the name of King James I. The first ship, which arrived on May 14, 1625, was commanded by John Powell. After two years, on February 17, 1627, the first colonization landed on the west coast of the island near the site now called Holetown (formerly Jamestown).

During the 1600s until the 1800s, Barbados was typically an island of slavery. Tobacco was the first crop plantation in Barbados but was later replaced by sugar. This small community developed and for 334 years England commanded the island, it remained a British colony until autonomy was granted in 1961.

In 1966, Barbados gained its full independence from Britain.

Modern Times

The most of the Barbadian people are of African descent and the total population of Barbados is 292,336.

Ethnic groups include black (92.4%), white (2.7%), mixed (3.1%), East Indian (1.3%), other (0.2%), and unspecified (0.2%) people are the ethnic groups in this country.

There is a mix of different religions in Barbados. They include Protestant (66.4%), Roman Catholic (3.8%), other Christian (5.4%), Rastafarian (1%), other (1.5%), none (20.6%), unspecified (1.2%).

The languages of Barbadian are English (officially used) and Bajan (Informally used).


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Genographic ProjectGeno 2.0 Data

Data from Geno 2.0 is derived from the The National Geographic Society’s Genographic Project — the DAR. The Hg ID is specific to this site and is used to protect the identities of those who take part in Genographic research. Birth Country, Mother's Birth Country, and Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country have been normalized from DAR database fields. The Maternal Origin is determined based on the three previous fields.

Note: Geno 2.0 results currently use Phylotree build 16. I am working on changing results over to build 17.

Hg ID Hg Build 16 Birth Country Mother's Birth Country Maternal Grandmother's Birth Country
Hap10010803 H1n United States United States Barbados
Hap10033337 H3y United States United States Barbados
Hap10044795 C1b United States United States Barbados
Hap10059628 K1a11 United States Barbados Unspecified
Hap10066451 L0a1a2 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Barbados
Hap10066452 L0a1a2 United States United States Barbados
Hap10067522 L2a1a1 Barbados Barbados Barbados
Hap10067523 L2a1a1 Barbados Barbados Barbados
Hap10067736 L2a1c4a Panama Panama Barbados
Hap10067854 L2a1f Barbados Barbados Barbados
Hap10068202 L2b1a3 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Barbados
Hap10068477 L2d Unspecified Barbados Barbados
Hap10076130 T2b Canada Jamaica Barbados
Hap10081655 T2f2 United States Barbados Barbados
Hap10097554 V3a1 Barbados Unspecified Unspecified

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