PBJ Out on a Walk - Wisdom Panel

PBJ’s Canine Genetic Analysis™ DNA Test

PBJ Adoption Picture - Wisdom Panel
PBJ’s Adoption Picture

PBJ is the newest member of my dog-ish family. I adopted him at the beginning of the month. I just got his Canine Genetic Analysis™ DNA results.

On October 1st, this message was posted in one of my Facebook groups.

I found this little guy over a week ago. No chip, and no one has claimed him so he needs a new home.

He is still a puppy, but I don’t think he is going to get much bigger. My guess would be 20-30 pounds full grown. I think he is about 6 months old. He is not neutered or vaccinated. I have no idea what kind of dog he is.

He is SO smart. In one week he has learned sit, lay down, come, and how to walk on a leash. I have also potty trained him and kennel trained him. Let me know if you have any questions.

Rehoming fee 25$ – I am willing to waive the rehoming fee with a verifiable vet reference.

I looked at my dogs sprawled across my their queen sized bed, and I figured that I could squeeze one more 30 pound dog in. Thus, on the 3rd I meet the incredibly nice lady who saved PBJ from life on the streets at the nearest PetSmart with a Banfield vet clinic.

PBJ Out on a Walk - Wisdom Panel
PBJ Out on a Walk

A few hours later, he had his first set of shots, dewormer, heartworm prevention, flea & tick prevention, a Puppy Wellness plan, a microchip, and blood sent off for DNA testing.

At home, he soon proved himself to be an ideal puppy citizen. He gets along with everyone. His potty training is flawless. He is incredibly snuggly and soft.

OK. He needs to work on not trying to take food from me as I am eating. That is not bad for a pup who was living on the streets though.

On the 9th, I got notification that the lab received his sample.

The following blood sample has been received at our laboratory.

Sample Details:

Name: Rebekah Canada
Dog’s Name: PBJ
Sample ID: 00BAN_1358MARS0002A
Received Date: 10/9/2018 12:55 PM

Please allow two to three weeks for your sample to be processed and for the results to be finalized. We will send an email notification informing you that your results can be downloaded once they are ready.

PBJ and his elbows
PBJ and his elbows

By then, I had moved from mildly curious to ultra eager to see his results. You see, PBJ did not look entirely dog. Standing up, he has two notable traits. First, he does not have much of a chest. It is two shoulder blades and his neck. Second, his legs look much too long for his body. Why? Well, his elbows in front are well below his chest.

Big deal? Yes.

There are two solid reasons for a dog to have low elbows.

The first is ancestry from a member of the sight hound family: greyhound, whippet, Italian greyhound, etc.

The second is recent ancestry from a non-canine canid. That is, a hybrid. Think African wild dogs, Carolina dogs, coyote, dingos, and wolves.

PBJ Napping on Flannel Sheets
PBJ Napping on Flannel Sheets

I read. I waited. The state of Texas requires a permit to keep a coyote. They do not regulate wolfdogs, coywolves, or coydogs. That is, they don’t regulate hybrids. <Yah. I know!>

PBJ took naps.

Many naps.

Results came in on the 24th.

15 days!!!

We have completed the Canine Genetic Analysis™ DNA test for PBJ. You may access your dog’s results by clicking here to view the finalized report. We recommend printing a copy of the report to keep for your records.

Sample Details:

Name: Rebekah Canada
Dog’s Name: PBJ
Sample ID: 00BAN_1358MARS0002A
Validated Date: 10/24/2018 5:04 PM

Thank you again for testing your dog. Knowing PBJ’s breed history can help you and your Banfield veterinarian create a personalized care program so you can target specific health needs, behavior training, be smarter about nutritional planning, and plan exercise activities that can make your dog happier and healthier.

The results PDF file is long and full of explanations. First, there is his most important result, his MDR1 status. This is the reason why I think every dog should have a DNA test. There is a mutation on the MDR1 gene that keeps some dogs from processing some medications. Those drugs include ones in flea and heartworm oral medications. When you hear about health problems for dogs taking oral preventives, it is highly likely that they had the faulty variant of this gene.

Wonderfully, PBJ’s results are completely normal.

MDR1 Results from Wisdom Panel
MDR1 Results

On to his pedigree analysis. His results showed two clear breeds and a mixture. The two breeds are American Staffordshire terrier and Chow Chow. AmStaff? But he looks nothing like an AmStaff.

Hmm I Googled AmStaff / Chow Chow mixes. They are a thing? Hmm

Wisdom Panel Genetic Ancestry
Genetic Ancestry through Banfield

The next page was more in line with what I was expecting. Herding breed mix, terrier mix, and wild canid mix. I can well believe that he is part collie and border collie. It accounts for the way he folds his ears back on walks and his increasingly Velcro-dog personality. Terrier makes sense. They include Chihuahua in the group. Canine Genetic Analysis™ lists two wild canid breeds, coyote and wolf. Those are their two references on their breed list.

Wisdom Panel Genetic Ancestry 2
Genetic Ancestry through Banfield

How does that work out from a genealogical perspective? Let me build a genogram. With current results, I cannot be sure if the wild canid is in the great grandparent’s generation or another generation back.

PBJ Genetic Genogram - Wisdom Panel
PBJ Genetic Genogram

What next?

I think PBJ’s results are more than interesting enough to justify the more expensive but more detailed Embark DNA test. I will order one for him next month. One of the exciting things about Embark’s test is they include many wild canid breeds including village dog types like Carolina Dogs. Thus, their test will show clearer amounts and a clearer type.

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