///Pay a PayPal Money Request

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Pay a PayPal Money Request

The last tutorial explained how to request money from someone using PayPal. This tutorial shows how to pay a PayPal Money Request.

Step 1

Check your email for a request.

Money request Email from PayPal

Email from PayPal

Step 2

Look at the bottom of the email for the Pay Now button, and click it.

PayPal Pay Now Button

Pay Now Button

Step 3

This takes you to the PayPal payment form. You have two options. First, you may pay using your PayPal account. Second, you may pay as a guest.

For this tutorial, click the Pay as a Guest button.

PayPal Payment Page

PayPal Payment Page

Step 4

The next page will show the payment amount. Scroll down the page to the payment information part.

PayPal Pay As a Guest

PayPal Pay As a Guest

Step 5

Enter your credit card or debit card information.

PayPal Guest Payment with CC

Guest Payment with CC

Step 6

At the bottom of the form, click the Continue button.

PayPal Continue

PayPal Continue

Step 7

On the confirmation page, click the Send Money Now button.

PayPal Send Money Now

Send Money Now

That is it.

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