On being a haplogroup project admin, part 1

For those who wonder how we haplogroup admins spend our time, right now I am copying all of the ‘unnamed variants’ from the 250 completed Big Ys into a spreadsheet. I want to start from a fresh spreadsheet as FTDNA has adjusted calls during the bld38 update process. I am on number 80 of 250.

Once I have them all into a fresh spreadsheet, I will be able to consistently identify which ones are found in more than one sample. I will place them tentatively according to the haplogroup branches of the men who are positive for them.

From there, Amy will send them in sets to Michael Sager. Michael will verify that they are reliable SNPs and where other people have low coverage positive results.

After we are all three in agreement to placement, Michael will put them in a batch for his software to add to the FTDNA tree.

Yes, it is 2:06 AM in Houston, TX. Back to work… 🙂


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